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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Class Is In Session

Time & place appropriateness. It's a concept I'm constantly trying to impart to my students. Everything can't, & shouldn't be done everywhere. This was a lesson I had to learn myself. It wasn't so much that I didn't know how to behave but once upon a time I felt the need to share if I thought it--WHATEVER it is/was. I have sense since learned the power of well placed silence, the value of listening rather than being heard, & keeping 1 in my pocket for just in case.

I've been listening intently to the buzz happening beneath the surface for the past few years. I can hear that madness in my sleep now. Frankly, I resent it, but I chose to be here, sooooo.... Even with my choice, some things just ain't right & there's only so much standing by a person I can do. Now I'm standing up, & on heels no less, ready to make sure ain't nobody got it twisted. I'm no fool though & I understand that every situation calls for a specific language & it's necessary to be multilingual out here. Code switching ain't a game, it's a Must Have skill.

Today I eloquently spoke the necessary language to make sure those on the listening end understand clearer than crystals where I stand on certain things. Folks need to be reminded from time to time that you can smell what I lovingly refer to as "that Good Bullshit." The time was ripe but the place was inappropriate & so I was unable to say what I really wanted to say.

So...keeping it ambiguously 1-hunnit:

Lady....I'll do the work & bend over. But I'm offering you my

to kiss.

Sometimes you have to create the place to get things off your chest. This is all mine, but you're welcome to unleash here too.

Watch me move.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!! So let me guess, the "boss lady" came to you on behalf of the Russian to change the little Barishnikov's grade. You called bullocks on the whole thing, hit a three point turn worthy of the great Naomi herself and excused yourself from the ridiculous convo. How close am I?

  2. the beginning is accurate. but the ending is different. as we wrapped i let her knew exactly how this was going to go, knew that this was just a formality & there was no more reason for us to pretend i was actually involved. her mouth agape, as i physically turned back to what i was doing when she interrupted me, i asked if we were done? before she could answer i turned my music back on, that i'd muted for her once she'd sat down, & took my attention completely back. she was shown the door without me having to get up & do it.