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Shoe Personality of the Week: 2/14/2011

Last year I remember Snowtorious B.I.G. & the Snowpacolypse being excruciatingly boring. After a while, the snow had gone from beautiful and pristine to wonderfully trampled. It was beyond dirty, becoming a filthy representation of how many days are actually in the Winter season. I felt like an inmate, just shy of flippin’ out & making tally marks in my wood furniture or writing them on the wall. It was bad. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy any of it. I actually did.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for this Winter. We haven’t had even ¼ of the snow we had last year but something about this on again off again cold is doing me in. I usually think it’s silly when I see others write about Mom Nature being a rabid bitch out to get them. I mean, how can you take weather personally? Well, I get it now. If I see that wench on the street she’s getting jumped.

This past week started to feel rather hopeless that there’d be any breaks in the weather, & therefore in my emotional status. It’s real in the fluthamuckin field right now!! I sat in a meeting the other morning & had to fight back tears twice. What made me cry the 1st time? Someone said “hello” to me, loudly, & upset my center. What made me cry the 2nd time? That I almost cried the 1st time, in a room full of people who have no idea that I’m struggling right now. “Fuggwrongwitchu that you can’t maintain your composure? The veil stays DOWN, Ndygo! This shit’s between us!” That was the conversation I had with myself.

Well, I somehow made it through the week. Hell, the fact that I made it TO the week was a feat. Last Friday was a doozy & I was writin’ off everything. This past Friday, however, despite all the BS that transpired during the week & the volatile undercurrent I started the day with, I was able to see & feel positivity. I remember each morning hearing the Weather Man announce the time for sunrise & sunset. I remember feeling good about hearing at least a minute added daily to the sunset. Friday I actually took notice that I was still at work & the sun was shining. It made me feel like rushing out into it to get some. I knew if I didn’t finish what I was doing it would NEVER get finished so I skipped going out to get sun kissed. When I finished I was greeted by the lingering daylight. I got high off the very concept, lost my mind a little bit & decided I’d skip the jacket & feel the semi-brisk air on my skin…even with the appearance of a cough earlier. I got in Steel Magnolia, turned the music up LOUD, opened the sunroof—yes, I went that hard--& whipped hard & fast out of the parking lot.

Getting home before the sun went down & temperature dropped was the gift I’ve needed for some time now—hope. Hope that this whack season will pick up its bags & press on. It’s time to put out the vacancy sign for Spring.

What shoe invites Spring besides a yellow 1? That’s what I thought. & if you want it, it's yours for the taking on Anthropologie.

Watch me move.

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