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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Shoe Personality of the Week: 2/28/2011

I wrote this SOOOOO long ago & never finished it, but it's appropriate per part of a textversation I had just this morning. Posting it, in all it's incompletion may just give me the kick I need to return to this. Perhaps you have ideas of where I should take it (that means LEAVE SOME in the comments)....since my mind is welllllllllll past where I was the Sunday morning I shot this off. Pun intended.

& in honor of my great desire to have the Cyclops toe gone in time for open toe season, I'm sharing this blooming Spring neutral with you. I love it so & wish to peep through it before the season's up....

Anyway, short short story time.

Do you have fantasies?”

It was the first time he’d been in her room. They lay casually on the quilt she’d inherited from her grandmother, thinking separate thoughts about things that would disgrace her memory.

Have you ever been to the French Quarter in New Orleans?”

Question for a question. Of course.

He was casually playing with her pinky finger. She lay on her stomach, rubbing his head. For some reason touching a man’s head made her feel like she was speaking to him telepathically. She wondered if he was open to her message. They’d been dating 5 short weeks and there were times when she felt that she’d been given a key to his innermost thoughts. Other times, she felt she was ear to safe, trying to crack a code. Intrigue and infuriation.

She shook her head no.

On Bourbon Street there’s a strip club that has a panel with cuts in it. A mannequin’s stockinged legs go in and out, back and forth like she’s on a swing. I’ve always wondered what her feet would be like if she were real.”

Side eye.

A woman’s feet can be so telling. If they’re pampered you can tell she takes care of herself and wants to be cared for. Sometimes you can tell if she played sports or if she just works too hard to get to ‘em. The colors she chooses, whether she wears designs…all say something about who she is.

She made a mental note not to take her socks off that day. She’d adorn them in full regalia and see if she could become one of his as yet unspoken fantasies. A woman’s work is never done.

Watch me move.

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