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Repeat Performance?

You don't know this girl because she's rarely been seen. Does something about her feel familiar? Read on...

Over the last several years we, the people=fandom, have been looking for glimpses of Lauryn Hill's return from mysterious oblivion. We've prayed for her mental health while hoping against hope that Wyclef's account of her mental state was jealous lore at best. We've wanted to kick Rohan Marley's ass for rumors of cheating on my generation's symbol of black womanhood--reppin beauty & brains. Some of us tried to hunt down the cousin that was rumored to have cheated with Rohan.

In the last year, maybe a little more, Lauryn became visible again, giving us more hope that everything was OK. Truth be told, after seeing & hearing her, I can't tell if she's getting her Jimmi Hendrix-style creative genius on or if she's getting her Jimmi Hendrix-style self medication on, to combat some Jimmi Hendrix-style demons. Dunno. Either way, I'm still in prayer mode, hoping that what we've heard isn't true & that the price to pay for being a maverick wasn't her sanity.

That being said, this throws me a little. I would only hope that the effect the industry has had on L-Boogie would inform her against sending her child to the wolves. Every parent has the right to do it how they choose. The only real guidelines out there is that the choices shouldn't leave visible marks. Rarely do we look at the marks we cannot see. Naturally, we wouldn't want anyone to stifle their children. However, I'm not sure that 12 year old Selah Marley should be left to make such a decision when Lauryn, older than her daughter, couldn't withstand the pressure.

I'm not passing judgment on Lauryn, nor her allowance of Selah's intro to the entertainment industry. As a teacher, and someone who advocates for children, I'm just naturally experiencing the ^_0 (raised eyebrow of concern). I hope all of this works out well for them both, as well as the other 4 children. I want desperately for this family to be gooder than good & put all our talk to bed.

Watch her move.

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  1. Sometimes, I STILL don't know what to make of her. When she dropped her album, she had EVERYONE singing her praises. I remember going to see her in concert at Constitution Hall. Times have changed everyone, but I can only imagine what Lauren has gone through. I wish her the best and I hope that she's not throwing her daughter to the wolves based off of the advice of whomever seems to be managing her career at this stage of her life.