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Shoe Personality of the Week: 3/21/2011

Last week, Life gave me this:

In case all that sleek & almost stylish black has confused you, that's a steel toe boot. New age, not construction.

This week, I have to keep living. & while there's been a call for me to return to the softer side of me, the side I was named for at birth, I still have to be prepared to defend myself as necessary. I have no problem, conceptually, with going back to reclaim this aspect of me that's buried *in my club voice* deep down inside, but it won't come without stamping some reminders on heads that my other middle name means respect.

That said, I'll be walking through this week with this mentality:

I won't be gunning for anyone--though there are clearly those who deserve to face the firing squad--but I certainly won't be out in these streets all unaware & get caught slippin...

...watch your toes &...

Watch me move.

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