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Shoe Personality of the Week: 3/28/2011

There is no shoe appropriate for today's feelings...what's happening in my life & in the lives of many around me. This is my own personal reminder, as well as a dedication to those around me experiencing their own metamorphosis. You all know who you are. We've talked, we've cried, we've wiped away the tears & we keep doing that thing that has become trite--though still of great importance--courtesy of Maya Angelou.


the shedding of old skin, shape shifting
bursting through the sandy paper of cocoons
emerging in new colors and patterns
recommitted, reconstituted, refreshed, & renewed
rough edges folded to make smooth entry into an old world wearing new glasses
vision clear, sniffing out danger better than dogs on payrolls

somewhere a horn blows
anointing a new day
a new sun rises in an old sky, chasing away stagnant clouds
rain purifies better than Brita
get baptised in the water
release the stench of sweat from past work & play
let tears fall & camouflage in the rain
no one has to see you cry

first stand
then walk
into tomorrow with the wisdom of yesterday
not all deep like time immemorial
but yesterday
avoiding that dumb shit, you did yesterday, tomorrow
blink twice,
click your heels or something, even if your shoes ain't crafted from rubies
prepare to walk down magical roads
laid in the pixie dust that drips from your own wings
angel new
like rising from your own ashes
deciding it won't be the same next time
vowing to pay attention
eyes wide shut isms

paint with different colors
change the landscape from desolate Winter to
the lushness of Spring and the passion of Summer's approach
burn in lust & scratch the itch of change
fear not the unknown
make love
your highest calling & rush to answer at it's precipice
stare behind the mirror to see the truth & go blind in it
embrace her & hold her hand to go reclaim your treasure from the pawn shop
make dawn mean more than a name for daughters born in a certain era

recommit, reconstitute, refresh

Watch me move.

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