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Shoe Personality of the Week: 4/18/2011


This shoe, this hybrid of African fabric wrapped around a sturdy Western structure is Me. I walk on U.S. concrete but I’ve been heavily molded in the respect, understanding, & beauty of the people of which I’m from: Africans.

Once upon a time, a shoe like this would have bothered me. It would have been an Elvis is King moment that sent me over the top, knowing where his whole EVERYTHING came from & knowing no credit & a disrespectful amount of cash sealed the deal. Black folks worldwide have influenced every aspect of culture…worldwide. Not news. These days, I’m mature enough to simply recognize the root of the thing & smile. It almost makes me laugh that women of all walks & similar dollars will go into Aldo & be turned out by the beauty of this African print. & because print is in, again, the fashion industry has suddenly recognized that print has ALWAYS been in on The Continent & have it struttin’ & turnin’ on the Catwalks.

While I can’t quite figure out WHAT Aldo makes their shoes out of, & will NEVER actually commit foot-a-cide by wearing this beautiful shoe, I still recognize it as a celebration of all of my parts. When I see others of you more committed to style than comfort rocking these beauties I’ll be taking it as your personal commemoration of who I am, knowingly or unknowingly honoring my cultural amalgamation.

I can’t wait for the Summer to officially pop to see Brownins, & others, everywhere accidentally affirming that Africa is more than AIDS, malnourished children, bare-breasted National Geographic pictures, & civil unrest. Africa is full of beauty & I am of Her.

Watch me move.

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