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Shoe Personality of the Week: 5/02/2011

Spring is sprangin’ all over the place, & even though Mom Naycha ain’t always cooperating, we’re in open toe shoe season despite the ridiculousness of the open toe bootie all freakin Winter. Just in time for Spring The Cyclops Toe has changed her name to The Toe Formerly Known As The Cyclops. The acronym ain’t sexy so I’ll skip all’at. She got her 1st pedi in EXACTLY 9 months just yesterday. It dawned on me through the process of the nail growing back that we are born with our tiny toes with that perfect little nail in tact, but it took 9 months for it to be ready when you emerged from the womb. Why would it take any less than a human gestation for it to grow back? I’m seeing that a lot of things have a gestation that I hadn’t realized before. I’m out here in the world hatching far more than toenails.

This gorgeous shoe is about more than being able to display my new toenail. It’s about standing tall. I’m hatching new ideas & each 1 elevates me a little more. My confidence right now, as though it needed assistance, is on a hunnid thousand watts. I couldn’t be taller unless I was actually tall. The Guru broke it down for me last weekend when he told me, “you may not be tall, but you certainly are big.” That comment ain’t have nothin’ to do with my bone structure or my waistband. I am truly height deficient but I damn sho’ ain’t short. It tends to throw people off, especially when they realize they can’t treat me like the pocket pet they thought I was originally. I don’t have time to focus too much on how off guard people tend to stay around me, but to keep HIGH STEPPIN’ towards clearing this path to my life’s purpose.

I’m on a learning curve. I got goodness coming at me, forcing me to make a decision, from EVERY direction. I’ve always been a firm believer that lessons come from any & everything as long as we stay alert. This stuff’s comin’ in like the fast & the furious & I can’t even front on the responsibility in it all, but it’s exciting!! I can barely keep up with it all as it comes at me but I’m doing my best hustle & bustle to get it poppin. While I’m getting it in, making things happen, I’m reminded—also by this shoe—that I am protected. This view gives the impression that there’s a little fencing action happening on the back. My guides stay behind me, making sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to do & helping keep my eyes open.

T’is the season to plant seeds. Identify what you want to happen this year. If you haven’t already moved on it, put a fence around your own garden & start planting the seeds you wish to harvest. Make sure after you’ve planted them that you don’t simply sit back & pray that they grow but that you’re about the business of watering, feeding, & clearing. We can have whatever we decide is for us, as long as we recognize that we MUST put in the work for it. Open yourself to the gifts that are out here with your name on them. Don’t turn folks away unless they’re dangerous & don’t turn folks away unless they ack’a’ass, but remember to guard yourself against those who wish to plant seeds of negativity in your garden. Also, keep in mind that someone in disagreement isn’t a hater or tryin’ to throw shade. Those messages that come from everywhere, often come in the form of unpleasant words from those care about us. Take it in, reflect, & make the necessary moves with your head & your step still high. Get out & make it happen. & be fly while you’re at it.

Watch me move.

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