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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Broke Assedness

It's Summer ("summah summah thyme") & I'm trying to fit in ALL the things I want AND need to do. So I'm on my big girl move--as in grown, not as in big drawls--& checking my finances & checking them twice. My annual staple is coming up & it's past time to start planning. ATL's annual African dance conference is my excuse for being down there, staying a few extra days & breathing that southern air while catching up with as many folks on the friends & family plan as possible. I got babies to get to know. I got nieces & nephews I need to spread some love over, I got cousins to kick it with, & girlfriends to confab with. Let me not forget the necessary reset & reconnect button for me & my Sista (Jalafi=not her real name). All this requires about a week. Along with that is my strong addiction to the family reunion vibe & the rejuvenation injected into dancing, 'cuz it can get REAL TIRED doin only what's available in my your city.

On top of the annual dance conference, I have a writer's workshop I'm doing, & just paid for, with author, Marita Golden. I'm trying to do Doula training. I'm saving up for Blogalicious registration. I'm trying to ride some horses. I intend to get in a challenge on an obstacle course. Would love to host a backyard party with the sister--did you see that Sister? I have yet to include all the required outdoor concerts, & the spontaneous meals out. I need to pay for this older mama, Juliet, to whip my body into shape & the subsequent beach days where I will be forced to show off my hard work & reward. & then there's B.B. We deserve a celebratory Bed & Breakfast, or something. Lets not forget all the gas for commuting to this class, the shoes I've been eyeing, the additions to the wardrobe, the vehicle maintenance, & the apartment improvement project. The bathroom's complete, in case you were not wondering. I'm also tryna buy a house & save for my next international adventure.

Basically my account's telling me to stay my ass at home, that I'm being ridiculous & spoiled trying to squeeze a dollar out of $.15. I got enough crap prepared foods in my freezer to get me through the Summer--I think--I can sacrifice fine dining for fun. I need a sponsor!! WILL WORK FOR TRAVEL!! Well...sorta. I really wish my knees were good so I could just go downtown & join a crew of ill dressed & sexually ambiguous teens & *insert Philadelphia Freeway voice* "rob me a person" or several til I reach my financial goal. This arthritis ain't gon' work for this option so I guess it's time to break out my knife & pare down.

Watch me move.

What are YOUR Summer plans? Who do you have to sleep with to make them happen?

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