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Shoe Personality of the Week: 7/18/2011

Differences of opinion.

It’s the theme of the day & perhaps the week. I just spent the past 9 business days doing things that I may not have chosen for myself EVER but was able to find value in them in the end. We had an initial difference of opinion of how best to get the group from point A to point B. In the end, it worked out, although...if they ever offered me a cup of Kool-Aid I'd have run away in terror.

I TOTALLY DISAGREE with this….shoe. The materials, perhaps in some other construction, might actually be nice but all I see here is a band aid. 1 or many of you may be looking at this & givin it the “that’s that FIYAH” head nod. Ignore my side eye cuz that’s what I’m throwing you right now as I try to work through something here.

There are TOO MANY trends crashing against each other on this…shoe. It looks a hot trash mess, in my not so humble opinion. For someone else, including you, it could be your next “Get ‘em!” shoe. While I wouldn’t voluntarily come within miles of this atrocity, I AM working on not disregarding you because of your poor taste. I keed, I keed. It’s available for purchase, which means someone will find value in it. I’ve been challenged on my beliefs in this class I just took & came to continued agreement with myself, finding that I had an entire group of people that sideways confirmed that I’m on the right path with my education career.

In a couple of days, literally 2, I will come face to face with yet another “Stakeholder” who will try to put their fingerprints all over my mission. I have to work on not giving them the side eye that this shoe would cause me to give & give good face in this meeting of the mind (no “s” because I suspect my mind won’t be invited to the meeting). I’ve grown WELL into the concept that everything happens for a reason, & I’ve already identified that I’m being prepared for something major with all this conflict forcing change on my ass. The thing that gets me through, often, is my perspective. As these changes come up, I try not to get all teen angsty & feel it out. I could be mad at the change itself, or what I feel is behind said changes. Instead, if the change doesn’t feel like a whole lotta “FLEE!! FLEE!! FLEE!! Exit stage left!” then I ride it out to see what else it will bring out of me. It could be an approach that keeps me in harm’s way, depending on your perspective, but I always come out just FINE in the end. Usually I peel off the layers & discover I’m better & more prepared to take on the BS that comes with the next level.

Now that I think about it, this…shoe is incredible for having to stomp out things---small fires, piles of BS, bugs, naysayers…whatever is necessary. While I would LOVE if this Abominable Shoe Monster would disappear forever, it probably serves a purpose in some woman’s life & I can’t stomp on that. A difference of opinion. If it must exist, I’ll use it for inspiration & reminder to go into my latest challenge prepared to respectfully have differences of opinion & hopefully continue to feel fortified enough to respectfully challenge authority when those differences are not something that I can give in to. Acquiescence. A good thing to be able to do, but not always best for ME. I’m bout MY Life so I gotta take care of Me.

Watch me move.

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