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Travel Won'ts

This. Is. Not. Funny.

While searching for a low-key vacay spot, I typed a couple key words in a search engine & was taken to a site for an island in Australia that has the same name as a more local 1. A slide show plays at the top with alluring photographs of natural attractions. Essentially it says, “This could be you…” My how I wished it could be. Aerial shots of clear blue water, gorgeous beaches, serene hideaways for lovers, lush greenery (get your minds right!)… & mixed in with all these gorgeous pictures was this 1 all about hospitality with a smile:

What in the &%$@?

My issue is not that this man’s life does not put him among Australian citizens who qualify for dental insurance. That happens. My issue is that someone, while trekking through forestation that houses indigenous peoples took this shot. And sold it. For money. That was not donated back to this gentleman to help him buy stock in chew sticks. I keed. What pisses me off about this is the way it feels like gross exploitation. The camera mocks him. Placing his photo, certainly unknowingly, on a website to draw tourists in search of the unfortunate tribe of heathens living in the brush is disgusting. The group of people—we’ll refrain from giving them a name—who get off on trampling over people’s homes & traditions in search of women with hanging breasts & men who house their penises in bamboo would surely see his picture & book an immediate flight. Ohhhhh the adventure in poking fingers in the faces of people who live clothing optional. Not. At. All.

Beautifully worded descriptions just might make me a sucker because I love words. Gorgeous pictures may make me feel like I need to touch a place with my own hands. But this??? Oh, I hope I remember never to accidentally set foot on this Australian island. They done pissed me off. Lemme walk away from this.

Watch me move.

Post Script--so I didn't tell you which island or link to the website I found this so I don't taint your decisions to accidentally go to this island unknowingly, or to give you the missing link to figure out which island I'm actually trying to go to. Can't have y'all showin' up wearing Broken Silence Members Only jackets & whatnot. I keed...

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