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I am NOBODY’s wigwam expert. I don’t understand the need to put on a hair hat, no matter what’s going on underneath. As a woman who’s comfortable with my hair short enough for you to read my mind, I can’t imagine that there’s anything so bad going on with anyone’s hair that it would be made better by a wig. Versatility? Mmmkay. But wearing the same 2 styles of wig does not versatility make. Ya hair doesn’t grow? Make what you’re working with cute. Your hair’s thin? Embrace it by rejecting standard hair expectations & make YOURS do what it do. It’s just a matter of personal opinion. Frankly, I’m aware that because my hair grows fast & thick & even long (despite the crazy shrinkage) you could be giving me the wild side eye right now, feeling like I don’t have to relate to your hair woes. You’re absolutely right.

yup....that looks good real. we're all fooled. mmkay...

Anyway, if you must wear a wigwam, I suggest making it a good one. Buying your hair hat from the same place as your General Tso’s chicken is a recipe for Ancient Chinese disaster. So many of y’all’s favorite celebs keep failing at this concept. The Williams sisters are notorious for Whack Wigs. Whitney Houston’s wig clearly has that Heron (heroine) lean. Gail King’s 1 wig in 25 years ain’t ‘bout that versatile Life. Golden Brooks (Maya on Girlfriends) decided to save all her money & “eff this hurr.” Brandy & Kelly Rowland are ducking in the corner, waiting for their names to make the list. I see y’all. You’re on it!!

So, I ask of you: HOW did bald headed by choice Amber Rose manage to find a color & style that almost compliments her? This chick does skint-head chicks like me proper in the way she wears her hair (NOTHING ELSE). & it was suggested to me for the Winter that I invest in a few good wigs. I would like to think that if I fell off my bike tomorrow & came to with the desire for hair that I would be able to walk into an Extendery & find some custom cut & color that gives us all fevah. It must be difficult though. If it isn’t, then it makes even less sense why women with Stretch Armstrong type bank accounts would continue to receive E’s for effort on their wig game.

First Amber Rose’s ridiculous donk killed y’all & then you let her dig your graves with her wig game. & she’s ONLY PLAYIN!! Y’all should be ‘shame.

Do better people!!

Watch me move.

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  1. Aweezy Aweezy Aweezy,

    I see whatcha doing with this piece. Amber's slaying heaux and heaux-lites with her wig game. Personally I am anti-wig and anti-weave for myself but I don't judge folk who so choose as long as it looks decent. iStruggle with tattered weave/wig chicks unless they're on rats of the hood. On them I expect the hairhats of ill repute. Celebrities have no excuse. They have the money to purchase virgin unicorn hair so I have no clue why Serena Williams or Brandi Norwood hair even exists. Side note where are Brandy's edges...damn those Moesha braids!