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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


YES! It's My Birfday [Week]! MAKE SOME NOISE!!


So, somewhere in the process of kickin it, having a good time, & catching summer heat both inside & out, I managed to miss my own dang birthday. Broken Silence is TWO YEARS old! The actual birth day was July 17th & it's clearly 3 days after the fact.

2 years ago, while in my sista-friend, Jalafi's (not her real name in case you felt sorry for her) dining room, I randomly decided I was gon' say some isht. I didn't know what specifically, just that I needed some sort of dumping ground for my mind. Who knew that y'all would be tall enough AND wanna ride this ride?!? It's been an awesome exercise in self expression & discipline. I especially love when folks come out of the Lurkers' Lounge & actually participate in these convos--even the hard 1's. Even when, actually especially when we disagree, I love to read shared perspectives.

If I actually had a cake (I should at least consider picking up a cupcake) I'd have to ponder my wish for next year. I hope to continue being a place of reading refuge for you, making you laugh, smile, think, wonder, & research. I hope some of you come out of the Lurkers' Lounge & let ya faces be seen in followers. It's helpful convincing others that you have an audience, that you'll be worth reading somewhere else if ya followers follow from the shadows only. This MUST be taken on the road, my mouth is wider than Blogger & eventually MUST go on tour. I eventually want to be as widely known, though perhaps for other reasons, as some of my favorite bloggers. Ndygo is a name I want called pridefully at the same time as Luvvie & Sister Tolja & Afrobella. There are others but if you troll, you've run across these names.

Like I said before...thanks for coming along on this ride. There are no door prizes, but you are appreciated. Celebrate with me. Wherever you are, you've got my permission to have a cocktail or a cupcake (or both) in my honor. Leave a birthday message or show your face. Thank you for your continued support!!

Watch me move.


  1. Happy birthday sis, and congratulations! Keep doing what you do, because as well as you do it, your following will continue to grow. So proud of you!!

  2. My humblest thanks & appreciation of your visit to share in the occasion & in my virtual cupcakes.