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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


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Lawd, be a cloth diaper cross. LOOK AT THEM!! Do you see them?!? Seriously, do you see them?!? I don’t know too many adults who don’t think children are cute. But if you can look at this picture & not feel like you’re behind on your Life’s plan to populate the Earth with beautiful people, then you are not alive.

2 Fridays ago my girlfriend, over dinner or drinks or early morning breakfast, told me she would let me rent space in her womb—as long as I do it before she turns 40—to get my children here. A surrogate. A volunteer. You canNOT beat friends like that. & with such a gesture, “thank you,” is BEYOND inadequate. She is not the 1st, but many of the offers came around the time I found out that my womb wears an Out Of Service sign. Admittedly, over time, I’ve questioned whether I’d be playing God by going around Nature’s design to force my own will. Something about that made me feel…like I’m overstepping my human boundaries. Other times the voices of friends holla’n ‘bout, “God made humans & humans created science & science says you can make this happen if you really want it,” plays loudly in my ear & on my heart.

Back in May I admitted that I was back on the Mommy trail, feeling the pull toward raising something other than my turtle, Donatello, & the price of entry to the Goodie Gap. This picture only tugs harder at my heart-strings, pulling me closer to the notion of participating in the most important job on Earth. The 1 on the right is clearly ready to test whether this is a good idea, all after the fact, as long as you have the 1 on the left for balance, things should be good right? Wait, did I just ask that as though these 2 gorgeous imps are a guaranteed outcome? See how it happens? You get reeled in & then you start making dumb arse comments like that, sounding all like a lunatic with delusions of the tyke sort.

You’ve seen me do it before. I’m walking away before I put my foot further into my mouth. You get the picture though. I’m going to settle on something like Dayumb, these little girls are adorable! See how that worked out? Sanity rescued.

Apparently, Sister Toldja is having similar pangs TODAY. Read hers here. &...I stole this pic from her tumblr & then saw it as an FB friend's profile pic. These little chickadees are making there rounds, cinching uteri (uteruses to the English challenged) Black Community-wide.

Watch me move.

Post Script--I did confirm whether my girlfriend was of sound mind when she made her declaration of friendship. & she was. There are options yet.


  1. I saw dese chirren here a couple of days ago somewhere on the interwebs and dambit if I didn't take the ponytails out of punkin's hair and let her rock an afro. These babies made me almost call my doctor to reverse the tubal so I could try to give punkin someone to pose with. Then I came back to my real mind. But if you need a womb, mine is still functional. I love being preggo, but no more babies here.

  2. aren't they just the...no words. all that is sweet & good comes to mind. & based on the 1 on the right, i know there's A LOT that ain't sweet & good goin' down too.

    i commend those of you who are willing to share of your bodies so selflessly. it's a spiritual act, women who truly enjoy being pregnant, able to to give this gift to others for the sheer joy of it. it's incredibly beautiful & i wonder if i could be such a woman. i can't speculate on offers i can't make & it sounds insincere to be tossing around blanket statements about who i think i am if i never have an opportunity to prove it. it's kinda like sayin what you would've done during slavery. it sounds big & bad but til you find yourself in that situation, 1 can't really know. for those of you who are able AND at least feel certain you could--whether called upon to do so or not--i tip my hat to you.

  3. I've always thought about being a surrogate. I think it's a beautiful gift to give.

    And I live with the one on the right. This here girl has started getting her hands, thighs and bottom popped and then she goes back for more.

  4. You thought Fall was gon' be tame? HA!! hell the environment you worked in guaranteed at least the transference of feisty thoughts.