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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Don't Let It Be You

Have you ever been walking down the street with friends & seen the most beautiful male specimen walking with someone who could stand a leash for improvement? You & your friends silently give the Scooby Doo face & wait til you get out of earshot to run down your list of WTF's. I thought so. I know it's happened for the fellas too. Some bad chick flaunts her physical perfection before your disbelieving eyes, on the arm of some cat wearing Dad jeans & a pocket protector. Ya soul is turned inside out like when this was going on:

This has been over for a minute but you still can't forgive God for the occurrence. It simply makes. no. sense. I feel you.

The opportunities to point out this madness on the streets are many. We see them so much now it's not even worth it to keep reminding yourself of things your parents used to say like, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," or that it's "skin deep." Many of us, myself included, feel like we need to have something that attracts us to the person laying next to us. Of course it will eventually fade or morph or something but by then we should be deep into our feelings, where the attraction is based mostly on the depth of our love. Right? Don't roll ya eyes at me.

So, since the beginning of their relationship I've been resisting the urge to give Lauryn Hill the side-eye on Rohan. I remember some pics of him from back in the day & feeling all "ennnhhh" about him. Truthfully, I was more confused by the she's ALL OF IT--beautiful & talented to boot--& this dude had a lot of ex this & that's behind his name. Used to be in the NFL, used to be some other isht. Hell, for all of the Marley kids we actually care about, Rohan may as well used to be a Marley. There's 11 of them (& 7 moms) & when Ky-mani Marley is better known than you are, well, it's over for you, Son. Sign up for a stage play, you're a has been. In this case, a barely was.

Still, it made sense that the poster child for Black Is Beautiful growing a head full of Rasta locs & hooking up with a Marley--any damn Marley--was almost kismet. What always kept me with 1 eyebrow raised was the fact that she seemed always to be struggling in her relationship(s) with this dude & he's rumored to be having affairs & nobody knows what he does exactly. Lets just call him Tommy, from Martin. Dawg, have a t-shirt line, sell ital stew from a food truck, roll designer j's for the rich & shameless...something. But don't be contributing to the already fragile psychological makeup of our girl.

When he started tweetin about Lauryn's 6 child & making it seem as though the paternity was questionable & getting linked to a Brazilian model, I had to go back into the innerwebs in search of what this Rohan is working with. In my mind, he must ain't gotta do nuffin cuz he out slangin that good D. Stranger things have happened. A girlfriend of mine has admitted that her ex's 3rd leg kept her coming back for more despite knowing he was as trifling as trifling can be. So I went trollin' for photos of the phantom Rohan, hoping to make sense of all this. Cuz L-Boogie is poppin' out kids like balls at a batting cage & risking her sanity to feed all these mugs, including this man here:

I'll wait, cuz I know you need a minute to look at that flick 1 more time. Your personal space smells like struggle & dismay don't it? Febreze ain't gon' help that.

I love me some Lauryn Hill. Whether it's the memory of the woman that once was or just being committed to supporting black women seeking help for our issues. I'm not mad at her for getting caught up in some regulah chick isht. We can all be turnt out 'round here. But dayumb, Boo, di'n't nobody nevah tell you to leave them island men alone?!? Wyclef Haitian typhoonin your life wasn't enough?

Ladies, use Lauryn's life as a tool. Don't get caught out there swingin' on Dexter's pole & forget yourself. Hell, the real Stella, Terry McMillan, got her groove STOLE. Don't be a statistic.

Watch me move.

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