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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Who Ran It?

I apologize in advance for the 1st minute & some change (if not a little longer) of this video.

Now that you've watched...

THIS is why Beyonce makes me itch. Before I get to that, lemme prove I'm not a hater for hater's sake.

1. Girlfriend IS a hustla. ((in my Ricky Rozay voice)) Everyday she's hustlin.

2. Girlfriend IS smart. It may not be the kinda smart where you listen to her talk & feel like she just split ya dome or nothing, droppin knowledge in the culture cypher, but she's got business savvy likeamug. She even parlayed her marriage into 1 of the biggest business deals & brand mergers EVER!

3. Girlfriend IS discreet. At least in her personal life. What do we really know about her? We know of her fambly, we know she loves Popeyes chicken, & we know she & her hubby vacay in places we'll probably NEVER make it to. & summa we need to take a page from her book & keep our business to our fluthamuckin selves.

4. Girlfriend IS 1 helluva dedicated performer. (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that I'll never pay $$ to see any of said performances, but I smell what she's cookin.)

She has a few other qualities that I could list, but won't for time's sake. It's time for the reasons she makes me itch.

1. Girlfriend got chicks out here thinking that onesies are OK for grown women to rock. I submit to you, Ma'ams, that is NOT true.

2. Girlfriend promotes vagina wagging. This epidemic must stop. See, it's not just the kind of dancing that it is, cuz I'm for a creative expression through a well placed pelvic thrust. It's what 1 is wearing while thrusting 1's pelvis that makes it vagina wagging. The aforementioned onesie is the culprit for misplaced--as in not during segzy time--vagina sightings.

3. Girlfriend's messages are often without guidance. This could be without guidance on the front end during the writing process, or without guidance after these songs hit the streets & girls everywhere are throwing them around without ANY of Beyhova's safety nets. She got y'all out here making demands on folks when her stuff's already in place.

There are other reasons she makes me itch but I'm tryna keep it relevant so as not to seem, again, as though I have a haterade I.V. I promise I do not. I'm just a realist, and...

As these very talented women go about flippin' the bird at society, knockin' over trashcans (sidebar: Do The Right Thing is playin' for $2 this weekend), & breaking sh^t up, you get the feeling that perhaps they DON'T run anything yet. Cuz who destroys the stuff they run? Oh, wait...human beings. They strut man-like & snarl, sending some mixed message that in order to run the world 1 must behave stereotypically as caricatures of men. Well, men haven't exactly gotten it right so perhaps we should stick to cherishing our differences. #imjessayin

What can't be fronted on, no matter my feelings about this song (that beat THUMPS!!) or the excess vagina cameos between both videos, is that Be-Yacky--in all her lace front glory--& these sistas in THIS video can dance their glutious maximi off. & I certainly can't hate on that.

Which choreo do you think is better? In other words, who ran it? If you need to, brush up on the original video, here.

Watch me move (hate-free).


  1. Who ran it? This is a real toss-up, Honey Boo. On one hand, Bey's first segment with the two dudes was SICK but the chicks in Bankhead's video maintained such gangsta commitment throughout. In the end, I think Bey's choreography was stronger but Bankhead's dancers' execution was more thorough. I often felt like Bey was carrying her back-up chicks while EVERY sistah in the other video delivered. They all get claps from me. If you must vagina wag for 7 minutes strong, I guess this is the way to do it.

  2. Maybe if Beyby Jeezus hadn't tried to actually recreate the whole world with just girls, it would've been easier to see if her squad could handle the choreo. & DO KNOW that I was sick that these chicks excluded the opening of the original choreo. I LOVE THEM/THAT choreography!! In the end, Bankhead trained them well in the way of the dance. These women gave his choreo that Life!!

  3. Well, I don't know where to start......or end. What does the set have to do with the song? Is it representative of what men have done to the world or is it a glimpse into what women, excuse me "girls", will do (or already have done?) do the world? Why wouldn't the director give us a (clear) idea of what the world will be like now that "girls" have taken over? A world reflective of the beauty, the creativity, balance, compassion, sharing, the warmth and brilliance women can bring to the world. Somehow I missed examples of the special way African women (or girls) exhibit those essential characteristics.

    BTW - If the world depicted in this video is a man made, why would "girls" want to run that garbage dump? Why not transform this dump (at the very least) or show some transition/move to another place/space where "girls", the earth and other living beings (that includes "boys"/men) can and do flourish as a result of the magnificent sensitivity, creativity, etc. that the reign of "girls" will bring?

    Dear daughter, your comments are right on the mark and I'm sure that you have (as I do) many more. The video, that could have accompanied this song, had the potential to send out a real progressive message about the value of "girls" and women for women, girls, boys and men to learn something from. A excellent opportunity was missed. I am not surprised.