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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...



DAY 3!

& sadly it's the last day, but that's 'cuz I'on't come through here on the weekends; which for me are Friday & #Surdee.

Purple is the color of royalty & check out Her Royal Badness. I love the comfortably urbane look of this toga-esque dress. & what does she add to it? Tracee sets it off with a burnt orange or copper toned (can't make it allaway out) strappy heel. Not what I would've thunk up but I certainly ain't mad at it.

Effortless. That's the overall theme of Tracee Ellis Ross's personal panache. Pick it out, put it on & work it before it works you. The. End. It's that kind of breezy, uncomplicated elegance I try to epitomize when I'm steppin' out. I'm all about casual comfort on the regular but I clean up real well. My eye is naturally caught by brought colors, & I tend to put them together adeptly. I can only hope I look as straightforward once I finish waving my wand, so I can mirror her "ennhh...this ol' thing" look.

I don't do a whole lot of red carpet affairs or black tie socials [yet], making the look below a little bit more accessible, as in--it can be rocked on the 'morrow.

A woman in a dope lid, on a slight lean practically epitomizes feminine confidence to me. We see men all day everyday in hats, almost universally accepted among men that they don head gear. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more hair fanatics. The irony is males' hair, when left to do what it do, usually grows more lustrous, longer & faster than females in most mammals. Somehow, we bipeds have gotten things confused & decided women would be the 1's losing their ever loving minds over their follicles. That means some women just ain't gon' be bothered with covering up all that effort or length or body or bounce, or whatever they happen to love 'bout their locks. A woman confident enough to wear a hat--& WELL--is telling you something about herself.

You can tell by the flick (& perhaps the intended direction of the photog) that wearing a hat brings out a lil sumpin extra in Mz. Tracee. There's an added air of mystery when a woman's eyes are hooded. & who doesn't love a good mystery? The look is simple & classic, like damn near every shot I've ever seen of this woman, including the paparazzied shots of her coming from Starbucks™ or strolling the boulevard.

Ms. Ross's fashion finesse moves me most because it's accessible. She looks like a woman who enjoys the same thrills & suffers the same pains, not someone who's pretending to be above the masses. You too can do what she does, with different dollars of course, & express your inner urban fashion goddess. You don't have to be over the top, arriving to events wearing blocks of cheese on your head or pretending to be a walking manifestation of communicable diseases in order to stand out. It is not necessary to have plastic surgery to hide your flaws; in fact it's more liberating to embrace them. Tracee Ellis Ross looks like a whole lot of self love, trusted personal routines, & trust in knowledge of self.

Read up on her if you choose. She sets a good example of a 30-something woman aging gracefully both intellectually & spiritually. & she knows a thing or 2 about clothes. My kinda girl.

Watch her move.

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