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Shoe Personality of the Week: 9/04/2011

I haven’t checked in EVERYWHERE, but most places I have teacher friends, school is officially IN session. Nothing says back to school for those of us of the female persuasion, & raised by parents with any decorum, like beginning EVERY school year with a fresh pair of Mary Janes. Well, Mary done growed up right along side us & though I rarely see them anymore, they’re still symbolic to ME.

Re-entering the school building was interesting, to say the least. On the 2nd day we were shaken right out of the building by a random Right Coast earthquake, followed by the potential for water damage & power outages thanks to Hurricane Irene. Natural disasters aside, this past Friday marked our 1st full week back in the building. Being back has reminded me just how much school doesn’t have to happen IN school, just like the concept of worship doesn’t require a church.

The last few days or so have been about my own schooling, not taking place in the building. Life is reminding me that with each passing day, I’m adding another layer. The problem is, I’m so used to being Me that I’m not constantly taking stock of what that truly means. As I go about my Life, because the opposite is death, I feel like this is all par for the course. Everybody must be where I’m at, past it, or creepin’ up on it. What that does is waste time negating my own greatness. I am in the most involved evolutionary process to date & having an incredible time charting my own Becoming.

As this process is rolling out, I’m noticing how many people DON’T take notice of the patterns they’re in, often leading them to remain in them. Bogged down by the day-to-day, to many don’t seem to be taking notice that today doesn’t have to equal tomorrow. If what you’re doing right now is not making you feel lifted…plot & scheme on your next high. If you spend a lot of time blowin tree you may have missed the analogy there & gotten stuck in the literal translation. Keep walking toward your best self. That’s the point.

Watch me move.

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