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Speak Now Or...???

These days social networking is the “it” thing. We’re all linked together by no less than 13 friends on some social media site or another. Our names are Google-able based on the contributions we make to the foot-prints skating around out here in these WWW dots. We’re often warned about what those prints look like to outsiders, those considering you for the next best thing in your life, be it personal or professional. In the Innerwebs we’ve all got a platform. How we’re using it can be what makes or breaks us. Or so we’ve been told.

At first, however many moons ago, the idea of these footprints was frightening for me. I made sure not to say or do too much of anything so that I left no trails. Now? I’m all over the place. My face can be found under Followers on popular sites. My blog is listed as Followed by writers I’m a fan of. My comments pop up everywhere under my name & other names I go by. I have pages on more than 1 site & more coming. In short: I’m conspicuous out here.

My biggest fear was what people in my field would say about the things I write that are field related. How would those things affect me? Taking care not to mention any names & never actually writing them under my own…technically, there is nothing anyone can say about me on that tip. In this land of “free speech,” I’m entitled to my opinion. So, what about the picture it paints of me for people who stumble across me in the future? What does what I have to say actually say to them?

Welllllllll…funny thing is I’ve ALWAYS been opinionated & vocal. People have been making decisions about who I am on sight & getting it all the way wrong. I don’t have time to be fearful about that kind of stuff anymore. It’s actually part of the reason I started the blog anyway, to be able to free my voice from the constraints of other people’s needs & expectations of me.

While I can’t control what people take away from anything I say or do, at least through the eternal life of words, I can attempt to properly sculpt my image for folks. I am a thinking woman, & I am also thoughtful, though those things are not necessarily synonymous. I have a sense of humor & more than caring about being funny, I am proud of my ability to find the humor even in things that would cause others to crack under the weight of the madness Life can heap on us. It’s not always appropriate, but it prevents me from breaking. I am serious & passionate. Those things that matter to me really matter. & if you are of my heart you will ALWAYS be taken care of. I am consistent. I am not a fearful waffler, changing my position with the times, the trends or acceptance. I am not afraid to be alone with my opinions. I am honest. You can count on me to speak my truth for sure & The Truth for certain. When I don’t know, I’ll let you know & then I’ll ask questions. I know how to apologize. When I’m wrong, I say so. While there are other things, I’ll end with this: I’m fair. I respect your opinion & don’t expect that you should always agree with me. I appreciate the lessons learned in conversation, helping me to grow my perspectives. Everyone should have the space to speak their peace. #NoTypo

It is my hope that when my children run across my words that they are either moved to laughter or to thought. That’s the point of it all. & it’s best when you’re moved to smile while thinking. How do you use your voice?

Watch me move.

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  1. "it’s best when you’re moved to smile while thinking." a lovely thought. :-)