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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


What Is The State of Black Television?

The other day I was reading those Very Smart Brothers & was introduced to THIS feces of bulls:

I personally didn't like the movie Why Did I Get Married. I don't like ANY Tyler Perry movies, but they clearly aren't made for my taste buds. Of the characters in the movie, this chick was my favorite because, despite how hood-tastic she was, she was the most believable. Don't get me started breaking down how unrealistic the characters felt to me, especially Tyler playing somebody's straight husband. You didn't #axe me all'at. Still, I just can't see how this couple sparked "brilliance" leading to an idea for yet another T-Pain TV show.

The very premise behind this show, from just the 2 short minutes in the above clip, make me wanna escort T-Peezy to the door & invite him to get all the way the hell on. Why? Glad you asked. According to the media, black women can't buy a husband. That means, either black folks ain't gettin' married (depending on which stats you follow) or black men who DO marry are all marrying women who classify as Caucasian or "Other" on the census surveys. According to this clip, those of us who are...lucky?...enough to get married & play at building families, really don't have a damn clue what we're doing. The end result: negativity, cheating, lies, yelling, emasculation, tears, & resentment. I may have left something out but I haven't been in this type of relationship, doing silly shit like trying not to shred people's feelings while together or in the process of separating. I'm obviously alone in this because the examples on Tyler's sitcoms, & in his movies, are all broken people searching for someone else to heal them.

Do you know how many of my students LOVE Tyler Perry shows & movies? Do you know how frightening that is to me?

I'll resist the urge to step up on my soap box. I will say this: While I don't dig Tyler Perry at all, I do recognize that there is an audience for his trash work. That is not the issue, so much as there is no balance, providing material for those who are elbow to elbow with me, consumers with a different palate. Not a lot's happening on the prime time front, but BET is offering THIS:

It's supposed to be a millennium twist on the Huxtables, taking into account the blended family, reversed roles in the home, etc. You know...all the stuff you haven't positively experienced with the husband you can't find & the kids you must be are raising on your own. I don't know if it's the counterpart to the futtbuckery that Tyler Perry keeps slipping into your cart but perhaps this will be the thing that makes you put down some of those empty Perry calories & opt for something I hope with a little more nutritional value. We shall see.

As this all unfolds, Imma keep my bags of books near in case it's not such a good idea to have my TV on. I'm enjoying devouring books again anyway. It's been a long time... (just started book #6 since June) But y'all stay tuned & tell me what the word is on bof'a'dese shows. Thanks in advance.

Watch me move.

Post Script--I feel like perhaps this is trivial in light of the execution of Troy Davis, & that I should be offering something on this topic. However, I don't feel that I have anything enlightening to say that hasn't already been said for decades upon decades in this Post Jim Crow era we live in (still). I'll not bore you trying to work through my feelings about this before your eyes as I'm sure you're already attempting to process it. I will send positive energy to the Davis family, those who rallied & called on his behalf, & others like him who sit on Death Row awaiting unfair & unjust execution. Perhaps 1 day there'll be no need to even entertain this topic except from an examination of history, not directly linked to the present. I can only dream...

Post Post Script--I may have lied. I do feel something...though it still may be unoriginal. & I may flesh it out in this space. I may not.

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