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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

It’s October & Fall has swept up in here like a dust storm, catching me off guard & inadequately covered. My A/C box is still in the window like I’m expecting some kind of Indian Summer heat wave. It’s still like to occur but I may have to just suffer the heat in favor of beating back this chill that has descended upon dat azz.
With Fall comes a great many challenges for me, including not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, trading in all beverages for tea—sending me to pee more often than I already do, never having enough dough for all the haute boots, being constantly underwhelmed by my transitional weather jacket/coat collection, & hermit-ism. This is when I essentially go underground & disappear from public sight aside from showing up to earn my keep on the plantation. In simple terms, it’s called hibernation. I’m a cat in spirit & a bear at heart.

To make the onset of these days a little more bearable, & to add a different kind of challenge to the mix, I’m going to pick up 1 of these ever so common 30-day challenges. Summa y’all like to try to kill yourselves in new ways with the latest fitness craze, summa y’all are cuttin’ out sugar for 30 days. Once before I tried the 30-day letter writing challenge but I was too far out of practice & too ornery to be tryna write to people I no longer give to fuggs about. This time? Imma try to tell you who I’m is through music. Music is 1 of my drugs of choice & to even narrow down my identity to 30 songs (out of 7100 in an incomplete catalogue) is going to be tough but fun. & even though I don’t believe in posting on Fridays & Saturdays, & have a tendency, depending on my schedule, not to make it through past Monday, I’m going to ride this 1 all 30 days. Feel free to chime in through this process. Lets get started…

Day 1: My favorite song

I LIVE for Anthony Hamilton to come up in the shuffle & on the Shuffle. This man’s voice just… I’m a romantic. I’m the chick who’s in love with Love long before I’m in love with an actual man. & when I get there with a man…oooooh, it’s so warm all up & through my heart. Anthony tells you why his love with his lady is the reason for everything. Y’hear me? E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Do you know how serious it is to be the reason someone makes damn near every decision on a daily basis? He said you’ve become so integral to his very being that the point of it ALL is simply that he loves you. In the words of Larenz Tate in Love Jones, that shit’s “urgent than a motherf%@ker.”

Whether I’m in Love or simply in love with it on any given day, I understand how crucial this kind of love is & cherish its very existence. To ever know love like this is the reason so many maintain faith in Love. There are few things more beautiful than that.

This is for you, Sweets.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see if I can successfully blend Shoe Personality of the Week with the day’s song.

Watch me groove.

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