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The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Fresh Out

It's my 1st day without constraints & I'm already at the end of my:

I barely know where to go with this. You may have to forgive me now 'cuz it could get all rambly up in here today. Seriously. If you had any idea ALL the places my mind is traveling right now...

1st, I'm listening to Ghostface's Apollo Kids but I got nothin' but love songs on my mind. Actually, I think I'm playin' Apollo Kids to drown out the love songs but it ain't working.

My gag reflexes are working off the memory of being licked by my old, drunken neighbor on my way in. This is where being raised to respect your elders goes wrong. See, the man showers nothing but "love" on me, enamored since I moved in 4 years ago. I wave, I smile. I trade "hellos" & try not to blatantly disregard the dude just cuz he ain't 'bout nothin'. I try really hard to treat people as people. As I pulled up he saw my car & parked his stumblin ass in front of my gate to wait me out. I borrowed some time & walked some trash to the trash can & gave myself another angle to approach the gate without having to cross him. Craig aN'em wanted to shake my hand. Not wanting to respond to him as though he was a lower life form, I extended my hand. What could it hurt? Every COTDAYUMB thing. Dude kisses my hand--YUCK--& then kisses it again. I go to pull away & he licks me before my hand is all the way free. My upbringing did fail me because my immediate response to being licked without permission was to swing on him. I punched Craig aN'em dead in his old bird chest. & despite my rearing, I was forced to tell ya granddad that he goes too far & I WILL fuck him up. It almost sounds dumb to be threatening to beat down the elderly but if you're coherent enough to think you gon' talk greasy man-whore shit to me then you can take an ass whoopin' like a peer. Equal opportunity beat downs for disrespectful behavior. #Imjessayin

That madness was just what I needed after a day where children completely turned their tail feathers up in our faces & gave us their asses to kiss. I ain't got time to be yellin' at kids, or chasin' kids, or breakin' up fights or beggin' back stolen technology so I tried my damndest to stay my arse in MY room & get some much needed work done. I'm almost ready for tomorrow but spent all day wondering when someone was going to hit the reset button on this whack ass day. The wild part about it is that there is somebody's deluded mama out here feelin' like her child's teachers don't do enough or give enough to her student who spits venom at adults all day, shows his or her behind--literally & figuratively, steals from the very people who do the job of a parent & then some all day. Hell, today I can officially add security guard to my resume. There's too much involved that I didn't sign up for & I'm the 1 who's gotta ride the blame for anything that goes wrong. Two other people played alphabet soup with their DNA & I'm the 1 who's gotta clean it up on daily basis? Man...GTFOH!! This free babysitting business that is public school has got to stop. As Older Sister says, they ain't hungry enough. For this education, that is.

This is the kinda day where you come home & reach for a bottle of something. Which...is precisely why I don't buy any bottles for the house. I'd have my feet up RIGHT NAH tossin' back a glass of something with adult contents. It would be a good day for a kick boxin' class. Just kick the shit outta a bag, straight mollywhop something with sand in it in the name of "I wish a muthafugga would" when you know to actually lay hands will have you wearing new bracelets. #BadLook.Com It's the kinda day where you should be able to come home & strip Cuddle Bunny's fur off & make him know what warmth really is. But then...it's also a day without Cuddle Bunny so I'm holding all this stress in my neck face & my back.

Lemme get up from here & sign up for a class or something that requires me to be outta the building soon. Cuz...iCant do too much more of this. Humanity is failing me.

While I wait for y'all to get your acts together or put ya ol'ass pimped out grandpops & ya practicing juvenile delinquent arse chirrens on leashes til they grow some sense...Imma contemplate what topics will come up this week. I'm feelin' like some fall fashion, a lil something related to--but not on--this Amber Cole business, perhaps playing over in Xtra Normal to turn my thoughts into a cartoon, & maybe do a little Fall cleaning. I need to make room for some better people, places, & things 'cuz this right now...is more than a little disappointing.

Happy Monday.

Watch me move.

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  1. oh wow. pop-pop was just NASTY! you gotta let us know if he come back for more. not that i'm wishing that on you. put some brass knuckles in your purse, just in case.