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Music Challenge: Day 13

Day 13- a song that is a guilty pleasure

1st--DO NOT PRESS PLAY on any of this if ya kids are around or if you're at work.
2nd--if you are my parent, real or community, PLEASE EXIT STAGE LEFT!! This information is not for you & will surely spoil your image of me. So uhmmm...yeah, go watch the news...read a book...play the Temptations...

This is another toughie. I have SEVERAL guilty pleasures. It's like still having a few ahRah Kelly songs in the collection after having enough proof that he's a nasty summamabish. #Mattafack, I just had something of a confession 'cuz I do. My saving grace is that none of what I own was made after speculation turned sure facts turned judicial errors.

Since I started this off with Robert Kelly, you can assume that my guilty pleasures are mostly because they're the kinda songs my parents certainly didn't raise me to have an appreciation for but that I'm grown enough to love (even when I wasn't) anyway. I'll start from the way back & work us forward. That was the indicator that there'll be more than 1 song in this post too. Kick back.

Track 1- 9 years old. Summer 1984. Pops took me to see Purple Rain with the big kids. & I fell in love with THIS song (actual movie clip not available):

What I knew about a sex fiend at the age of 9, I can't tell you. But my favorite song around this same time was Atlantic Starr's Secret Lovers...so, perhaps it was all foreshadowing of what kindsa ratchetness may or may not have been in my future. & by maybe, I mean probably or probably not. I won't confirm or deny. "If you seen it or you heard it maybe probably I did it/maybe or maybe not/I won't admit what I committed."

& since I brought up Da ahRah, I #minuswell include him in the mix. He has several ratchet choices to offer but I'll share with you my favorite ridiculous track:

Daddy...seriously...if you're still here you should go play Wii.

I LOVED this next song because of how uncomfortable it made chicks who were already on the dance floor. You wanna see a chick perp & scram fastly? Put this song on & watch 'em scurry.

I know you're either nodding your head in agreement, throwing me mad shade, erasing my number from your cell or hoping nobody else knows these are YOUR guilty pleasures too. Don't judge me & I shol' won't judge you. But I ain't done.

For real, Daddy...you shouldn't go this deep in my mind.

Now...this chick I actually thought might 1 day be a contender on the female MC scene. That never quite curled but I still 'speck her skills a lil bit. THIS song did it for me:

Wait! Do you even understand how hard this is to reveal? I actually know summa'y'all & Imma have to live this down. I'm not even sure it's possible. Sigh...This is what happens when you challenge yourself to have mostly full disclosure. I'm SO SURE I've just hipped some to like wayyyyyyyyy too much of... Lemme just wrap this up.

This last 1 should class the joint up a lil bit. This song's so damn segsy. The original was sexy too but this is sexier to me 'cuz this sista just ain't nobody I even equate with sexy. I think she's a beautiful woman, in a not so classic sense, but sexy to me she is not. Still, she does the damn thing on this remake & I LOVE IT!! In case you ain't know this song existed, or if you love it like I do, let this take you out for tonight. Grab somebody that means sumpin' to you (& who makes you moist) & set the stage. Thank me later. #Drake

Thanks for playing. Remember: don't judge me, &...

...watch me groove.


  1. What up Sunshine long time no drop by. Had to comment tho. Back in my HU days I had the opposite experience with Akinyele's instructional song. Plenty 'o ladies sang it to top of their lungs like it was their name. Chicks used to LOVE this joint! And of course I loved 'em for it!


  2. AWWWWWWW MANE!!! Look who it is!! Are experiences are with the same group of women but different responses. Talk about growin' wings & flyin!!

    Ahh well...

    Funny you popped up. I included you in 1'a these song challenges. Don't remember which day.

  3. for folk who know you this isn't even a surprise. they're gonna expect you to take care of yours. LoL