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Music Challenge: Day 15

Day 15-a song that describes you

A'ight so...I've assessed that over the last few days I've been playin' this wrong. I've been cheating. The rules basically require that I pick ONE song for each day. As the music lover that I am, this is beyond difficult. Plus, who has 1 of anything that quantifies them? I'on't even know what to do. & clearly, I'm 1'a those folks who doesn't do well with rules. I'm what you call a side-stepper. Imma keep stepping around the barrier til I get to where I WANT to be. I don't believe #allaway in no.

This particular day though...this would be better for someone else to make a suggestion. It's very hard to describe yourself through 1 of anything, which I've already stated. That means I'm gon' have to disregard the rules again. & you know what? No matter what I post, I'm still gon' be dissatisfied 'cuz Imma feel like I left something out. Lazily, I feel like if I just run through a variety of E. Badu songs I will have met the challenge. Why? Because I feel a great deal of kinship with my Piscean sister. We are so much alike on so many levels that I won't bother scaring you with them right now. She's definitely a dope artist but sometimes a hard pill to swallow as a woman. But for me, she's so far left that she's #allaway right. What some deem as her insanity makes perfect & complete sense to my double fish filets ways. Now, to figure out which songs...

After sharing that, with the lyrics so you fully feel what I'm talmbout, I've assessed that this song does actually do a good job of describing me. Not sure it's necessary to address this topic any further.

For fun though, I'll toss in 2 other songs that have been attributed to me over the years. & if you actually know me, you'll know why:

& can't forget this 1 (forgive the quality)

Watch me groove.

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  1. i think you did well choosing songs for yourself. although the last two song with booty references made me laugh. but you got a lot of that fa sho!