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Music Challenge: Day 16

Day 16-a song that you used to love but now hate

Finally an easy 1.

When this song 1st came out I was like, "YES!! Somebody finally reps for the chicks who aren't breaking their necks tryna be video ho-fessionals." I don't have time to be out here tryna outdo every chick on the block like it's for pay. Even going out got to be ridiculous because I didn't want to dress the part but then you get the "fugg is she goin?" side-eye if you don't look like you're at least tryna be a part of the Beautiful People. All I wanted to do was dance.

Da Mudda, & El Padre, raised us not to try to squeeze into prescribed boxes. Some things were forced on us & we've since grown to love them. India.Arie's declaration was timely for many. & then she didn't seem to grow beyond it. Album after album she seemed to be trying to remind herself that she was OK while seemingly providing the voice to others. I grew tired. My #selfofsteam isn't in I.C.U. I don't have to surround myself with anthems For Colored Girls Who Don't Shave Their Pits Even When Deodorant Crystals Aren't Enough. Or some such nonsense. My point is...I ain't this fragile, damaged, or in need of rebuilding. In fact, I have many who'd like to knock me down a couple of pegs, with my uppity arse. Whatever... Imma do me, but it won't be with this song in my personal soundtrack. I'm over it. I'm over her.

Watch me groove.

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