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Music Challenge: Day 17

Day 17-a song that you hear often on the radio

I can’t stand the radio for the most part. It’s what plays in the time it takes to turn on the car & plug up the Red Velvet Lounge, aka my iPod. It also occasionally plays on a Friday afternoon, between noon & 1 pm for old skool mixes, or during quiet storm hours for those songs that take you back to a time when….fill in your own blanks.

Whenever I turn on the radio there are like 3 songs playing.

1. Wale’s That Way (which I happen to like) despite Ricky Rozay’s existence on it. Or the existence of the name “Jeremih.” I’m just a sucka for the boy, Olugba.

2. Miguel’s song, Quickie, which I may or may not sing along with.

3. Anything by Drake.

Since I would really rather not be exposed to 4 minutes of too many songs played on anything with call letters, I’ll play something from 1 of these artists that you may NOT have heard on the radio. Sharing is indeed caring. So, if we must listen to Drake, we should know he has other ish in his catalog besides the Top 40 tracks. Here’s 1 of my favs, which was never a single so...:

Watch me groove.

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