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Music Challenge: Day 20

Day 20- a song that you listen to when you're angry

This is easy. I don't. When I'm angry & need to change my mood I just turn music on. There's no "go to" song. I just need someone else's thoughts & words to be the centerpiece for a minute, & not mine. & it needs to be loud. However, I WILL flip this concept, if you should be so patient. When I think of anger I immediately connect the dots to motivation. Don't know 'bout you but when I get mad I get movin. So, when I need a little motivation, sometimes I play this (but not the live version):

You hype now? Well, maybe not, but it does it for me.

Watch me groove.

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  1. i l.o.v.e. hiphop to live music. maybe it's just the vitality of live music that does it for me. the intensity of their delivery only adds to that energy. come to think of it: YOU are a renegade. never been afraid to say what's on your mind. fitting. (but that's probably what gets you in trouble sometimes, huh.)