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Music Challenge: Day 23

Day 23- a song that you want to play at your wedding

Much to everyone’s chagrin at bridal showers during those typically God-awful shower games, I have NOT spent my entire life planning my wedding. The concept just never made any sense to me in isolation. It could be that my parents, who were never married, split before I turned 8. There were no wedding photos in my house, they’d never been discussed, even on the occasions that we went to the weddings of friends and family. Back then, weddings were a lot more realistic, not these grandiose princessian affairs that require everyone, including the families of the bride & groom, to hawk all of their prized possessions to create a few hours affair that involves lifetime payment plans. Ri-damn-diculous.

So, it makes it a little difficult to contribute some flowery antidote of the wedding I've planned for myself in my diary when I was 17 & in love with… Cuz it never happened. As I got older, all I wanted to know about was this crazy thing called marriage. How do you make that work? Didn’t nobody have anything to add to that conversation. I am, however, still a girl, a chick, a woman. & I’m a romantic, in love with love. This means that at least once in my life I’ve heard a song that has made me think it would be a beautiful testament to share with the 1 I love in front of a supportive audience. I’ve got 2 songs. 1 is a squeeze-in, though still a genuine entry, so that I can satisfy my girl’s expectation for Whitney Houston to make the challenge. But stay tuned for the song that really plucks my heart strings when I think of the incredible feeling of taking on another as part of your Life’s work.


Maybe this 1 gets played at the reception, just before we excuse ourselves. Cuz you know it's got a sexy feel to it...unless I'm just confused by the hot pink spandex unitard in the dark club. #shrug

Now for the true wedding song. Sing along if you know it:

Rest in peace Ms. Vesta Williams.

Watch me groove.

Post Script--I think I'd take voice lessons to sing either 1 of these to my betrothed.

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  1. Vesta! a definite blast from the past. one of those unforgettable voices. i would love to hear you singing that to a special man one-a these days. and don't appease me with whitney. i love "reading" you as you continue to do y.o.u.