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Music Challenge: Day 24

Day 24- a song you want to play at your funeral

What a somber thought. If you let it simmer. From living a short while in New Orleans & becoming completely fascinated by, totally in awe of, & appreciative of the concept of the 2nd Line brass band send offs, I’ve decided that I too want to celebrate on my way to whatever becomes my final physical resting place.

See, I hope to have danced my way out, so I hope that there’ll be enough of you to high step 1 last time on my behalf. Send me out with a party. Revel in my contributions; remember the sound of my laughter & my broad-cheeked smile. There are always tears but I want them to be replaced by joy, sooner rather than later. Before the 2nd line, however, I want that old family vibe. I want the feel of folks talkin’ smack ‘round a card table & a kitchen or backyard full of food (of which the menu WILL be provided) pleasing your palettes & your hearts all at once. Sway wit’ me a lil bit. This song gives me that feeling:

Just keep each other close after I’m gone. (Wow…that was weird…)

After you sway though…you know it gotsta be a bop. Here’s a taste. Gon’ split ya pants on my behalf. You know it’d make me smile!!

Watch me groove.

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  1. the 2nd video is a post-funeral event? new to me. change the brass to djembes and change just a few pieces of clothing and this coulda been on the west coast...of Africa, that is. wow. those african-retentions are something fierce.