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Music Challenge: Day 25

Day 25- a song that makes you laugh


My real song is Ghostface's Stapleton Sex. The dude is ignant as hell but keeps the laughs coming. HOWEVER...I've already pressed my luck with that raunchfest earlier in the month, while crossing my fingers & hoping my father didn't kill me if he didn't follow my instructions not to linger that day. No need to risk that conversation (yeah...I'm 36. AND WHAT?!?) right now. I'm just not in the mood.

Instead I'll leave you with another song that makes me laugh. This joint was like the most basic-est rhyme pattern ever. The lyrics are damn near as empty as the concept is superficial, but it's so much fun. I even bought the t-shirt, that I'm almost 'shame to wear because even when you feel this good about yourself (which I do), it's just rude to throw it around like extra weight.

I'll even do you the favor of giving you the remix version if you just give me 3.5 more minutes of your time. Laugh wit'me.

Watch me groove.

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