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Music Challenge: Day 26

Day 26- a song you can play on an instrument

Honestly, if I were to tell you what I play on an instrument, you wouldn't even know what I was talking about. Well, most of you wouldn't.

I can play rhythms that I dance to. I do West African dance. I've learned to play some of those rhythms. This is unique in that it's mostly men who play the drums in the orchestra. It was a natural step for me, as a dancer, & helped to connect the music & the dance on a deeper level. The drums I play are the 1's in the back that are played with sticks. Slapping a djembe just ain't my thing.

So, I'm sharing this video for a couple different reasons. First, it has people I know speaking on an aspect of my culture that I love. Secondly, it breaks down some of what I said & gives you a little background. Third, it goes into the importance of this thing I love. Fourth, it also includes a little piece of the dance as well (a very little) & opens up a couple more windows into my world. Infotainment.

Tomorrow goes back to songs you may know & love

Watch me groove.


  1. what a wonderful surprise! forgot about you playing the drums. you know Nibaya/Amazones are performing and giving both dance and drum workshops at the publick playhouse in early February? will i see you there? http://arts.pgparks.com/page37065.aspx

  2. good lookin out. i don't keep up w/publick playhouse the way i should. sounds like a good thing to do in my birthday month.