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Music Challenge: Day 28

Day 28- a song that makes you feel guilty

Before I reveal my song, I must apologize for yesterday. It was too much like the day before, which I also didn't care for soooooo...I skipped it.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Guilt is an emotion I toggle with very rarely. If I told you what ridiculously heinous news that crossed my path made me smile yesterday you would expect me to feel shame but the truth is...it brought me joy. Now, I'm FULLY aware that this should leave me feeling guilty, but it just doesn't.

This particular song...I feel guilty because the person who penned it (we assume she did) ain't have no business writing these very specific words down in relation to herself. Perhaps I'm simply blinded to her beauty by the drugstore two-tone dye job & missed out on viewing a most excellent female specimen to pattern myself after. Stranger things have happened.

The other reason, if i were to feel any guilt at all, is that I ROCK HARD with the lyrics personally. I don't carry myself in this manner (I don't believe) but I am my 1st fan...even when I'm busy flaw-finding. If I don't believe my own hype then you damn sure shouldn't. Guess that's the rationale for the song in the 1st place. Girlfriend ain't worried 'bout whether me or we is feelin' her. She's feelin' herself, bish, & dares you to find something wrong with her. Brava, Sister, I take back what I said in the above paragraph. So, me & Remy, Ma that is, stand together in feminine solidarity, in FULL APPRECIATION of who we are & what we're working with. & the only reason I may ever feel guilty 'bout that is because you need me to, not because I do.

Have a lil' self love on me today. Be conceited. You got a reason!

Watch me groove.

Post Script- it's not that Remy's unattractive, she's just #hooddenamug & shops at the worst hair hatteries.

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  1. Aweez Aweez Aweez,

    So I will take this guilt a step further because for some unknown reason I decided that Remy actually had some talent and me and 50 other people purchased her album. That aside this song still makes me dance in the mirror and smile!

    I am ashamed/guilty sometime to admit it but I dabbles in ignant musics. Oh lawd how I dabble....so yeah I have a playlist on my iPod dedicated to the ignance that I hate to love. My favorite ignance of all time is Fine by Jackie-O but I'm way partial to Drop and Give Me Fifty by Mike Jones and Gimme Dat by Webbie. Oh how these songs make me smile when I know I shouldn't. SMH!