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Music Challenge: Day 30

Day 30- your favorite song this time last year

Well, kiddies, it's the last day for me. Yes, October has 31 days but the challenge only had 30 & this is it. It has been quite the adventure but I'm glad it's over. & ya know what? I'm too distracted by today to remember what song moved me a year ago. However, I do remember WHO moved me a year ago. I remember just what I was doing around this time (give or take a week or 2). I remember being stuck in a Target parking lot, battery dead, & completely at peace with it as I waited for AAA to come with the jump. I was warm in my "nose wide open" state. & ya know what? It's still wide open.

While I was in the car that day I kept thinking of the song Angel by Anita Baker. But my battery was dead so I was clearly listening to nothing. Once the kindly AAA man got me charged & ready to go, I sat in the parking lot a little longer & did turn on the radio to see if it was safe before plugging up the iPod. I just wanted to scoot deep down into the warm, glowing feeling. The 1st song I heard was this:

You canNOT front on this man's voice & the silky smoothness of THIS song. This is by far 1 of my favorite Luther songs. & the words, 1 year later, are still appropriate to where I am. & while I have a lot on my heart that I want to scream, shout, sky-write, etc, I'll let Luther sing this 1 right now. My dedication, of sorts, to...myself. & kinda to Him, but mostly to Me.

Watch me groove.

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  1. when it comes to love songs, luther is THE MAN.