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Music Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: a song that reminds you of someone

Once upon a time…sangers could sang! They used get all up in ya craw & make you feel Every. Word. The music used to be a lot simpler & the lyrics did all the work, floating on the easy flowing river of some songstress or troubadour's voice. This is back when love songs were still about love & not about hickies & quickies. No Miguel. That’s not to say that a well placed hickie, out of the view of parents, kids & pets, isn’t a good time for all, & a good quickie betwixt & between events of importance can certainly help move the day along. Honestly though…I’on’t need to hear no songs about ‘em. #imjessayin

In the days of yore, when singers had to be able to—oh, I don’t know—sing; Anita Baker was on top. Auntie ‘Nita’s voice was all simultaneous silk & rasp. Not the kind of raspy where you might want to offer her a Ricola™ but where you get a sense of just how serious she is & how she understands of what she sings ‘cuz she’s GROWN!! I couldn’t wait to know THAT feeling when I was younger. & I didn’t, but that’s neither here nor there either. Wait, I’ll clarify. It was the love I hungered for, the lust—if that’s where your mind went—wasn’t the soup de jour. Da Mudda said not & I believed in the fear she instilled in me. I’m straying, lemme reel it in.

I love Anita Baker’s catalogue but 1 particular song stands out for me now, more than ever. Since the introduction of B.B. into my world, I’ve been feeling lighter about the chest area. My heart, if it were to have feet, could be described as having a little spring in its step. & that was all before I ever said a word to him ‘bout feelin’ him somethin’ serious. For those of y’all who are regulars, I made mention of trying to keep it to myself, but it didn’t work out. One day, a ways down the road, but prior to today, I was cleaning house & Angel came on. The song has always moved me but this time around it took on another meaning. Just as my friend, ‘cuz we hadn’t moved from Boo to Beau yet, B.B. had really stood up & started making things smoother about the edges. He stepped up in places I’d not asked him to, put things in place I didn’t recognize I needed, & no matter what the request, he came through. I was plowing a field of struggle & he came & replaced my stubborn mule with a tractor (or whatever farmers use these days). He made me feel safe & secure, making space for me to set my troubles down without embarrassment that he could see what was in my bags.

That day, as I cleaned & Anita sang, all I could think was his name. “everytime you’re near me my poor heart just won’t keep still/…ask me to go with you, you know I will.” After 1 of our very early conversations, post confession, I knew if he made a move & asked me to go, I’d be there in a heartbeat. I felt secure that with him I could figure anything out & be alright. So, to B.B. I dedicate this song that reminds me of someone, & offer my gratitude to who or whatever brought you into my world. I’m so very thankful to be making room for you.

Sway wit' me for a minute.

Watch me groove.


  1. i wonder if i'll see whitney houston in this list somewhere down the line. the whitney before bobby. she usta could SANG! like on the You Give Good Love tip.

  2. please believe that as soon as i wrote about singers who "usta could SANG!" whitney & that very song hit me smack in the face. then i scrolled through the challenge to see where i could fit it. i haven't found where she goes yet, but i'm looking!!

  3. Hola Chica,

    In general I'm not a big ole mushy person...blame it on my upbringing but this post made smile for you! And on top of that you're highlighting my favorite sanger of all time. There's no secret that Anita is a friend in my head.

    Without a question Total's Kissing You makes me think about the Future Ex Husband. It's been what feels like eons since we were together but every time I hear that song I'm back to a time when things in my life were less hectic. Ah the innocence of first love.

    Side note I'm loving this challenge!