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Music Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: a song that reminds you of an event

If you know me, you've probably guessed my event ain't gon' be prom or a favorite birthday, it's gon' be a lil abstract. If you don’t know me or haven’t frequented this blog, you aren’t aware of how SERIOUS Summer is for me. I’m in FULL BLOOM in the Summer. The Summer is important to me for several reasons though. The 1st is that I was born in February but Can. Not. Stand. The. Cold. The 2nd is that the colder, darker days of Fall & Winter have adverse affects on my demeanor. Sometimes it’s just not cute & it can ALL be avoided if I spent 365 days a year in a warm environment. I’m not completely unreasonable, so I’ll allow for sun showers because they’re beautiful (& B.B. loves the rain)!! The other reason I loved Summer was because they were all about family. I spent most of them between Chicago & Baltimore or wherever else my family & family friends happened to be.

The Summer of my 14th year I was in Baltimore fallin’ in like with Boo & Juicy respectively. Boo was an adorable teddy bear-ish type cutie whose best friend was Juicy. Juicy was less football & more basketball in build & a cutie in a different way. He was more segsy than adorable. I was not well versed in the ways of boys but it seemed that they both liked me, were both open about it to me & each other so I was all about the more the merrier. I haven’t thought about this in a long time & I’m seeing how…open-minded & ahead of my years I was then. Anyway, they’d both come see me on my grandmother’s stoop at the base of Callow Ave & at my Uncle John’s stoop at the top. For a while this arrangement worked, until Boo kissed me & my WHOLE FACE was left wet. Now that I think on it, he must’ve been fairly new to kissing (as I was too) because I can’t imagine the intention of his technique was to make me sick after being licked from cheek to cheek, left smellin’ like saliva. That took him right out the running & left Juicy, with his lanky cute arse. Wait, I’m s’posed to be weaving in the song.

So, that Summer, as the cars that go boom drove up & down the block, Soul II Soul’s Back To Life (the remix) cranked day & night. Me followin’ behind my Aunts to the store for Hawaiian Punch (which I actually hated but drank cuz they did) & pickles. Back To Life was playin. Me playin jacks in the hallway & spanking girls at it. Back To Life was playin. Me kissin’ Juicy on Uncle John’s “patio.” Back To Life was playin. I think when I got busted for havin’ Juicy in the house playin’ Uncle John’s video games…Back To Life was playin. The suspense of waitin’ on Caryn Wheeler to lazily lead me to the music… Nothin’ thumped like when the bass finally drops in that song. That thang CRANKED!! & let it come on somewhere…please believe Imma still lose my mind like it’s the Summer of 1989!! Yeah…Summers used to be major events for me (& still are)!

Watch me groove.

Post Script--I ain't used to postin on Fridays so Imma be lazy widdit & edit NOTHING! Charge it to the work week. I'm tired.

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  1. i'm literally LoL at how Boo left you with a wet face. eww! i can hear the bass making the trunks of the cars vibrate back in the summer of '89.