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Shoe Personality of the Week: 10/01/2011 (& Day 2 of Music Challenge)

It’s Sunday & that means a shoe gotsta represent how I’m feeling. So super simple cuz shoes are MY THING!! I can’t even wear the shoes I fall in love with, most of the time, with these ol’ arthritic knees but the love never dies.

How is she gon’ tie shoes & music together? Silly you! They’re TWO of my favorite things. Watch me move.

So…today is Day 2 of the challenge and the song has to represent my LEAST favorite song. Well, at first that seemed simple because the answer, simply put, is The Radio. It drives me insane with its incessant repetition of whack tunes. The Top 40 stations play the same 10 songs ALL DAY like they’re BET programming. The Adult stations are like an endless lullaby, making me sleepy at times of the day when it’s just not safe or productive. Well, I can’t post the entire radio on here so I had to narrow it down further. I had to consider who makes me cringe whenever s/he comes up on the radio & I can’t get to the tuner or my iPod fast enough to erase him from my moment. EASY. Kem!! His music makes me want to hurt people & destroy things. His voice is literally my pass to insanity. Ain’t nuttin’ positive ‘bout that. But how do I choose just 1 song of his as my least favorite? Damn near impossible. & who the hell is tunin’ in to listen allaway thru a song I can’t stand? Yeah, so Imma put a twist on it. I’m posting the ONE Kem song that doesn’t cause my ears to have diarrhea.
Now for the shoe…

If I were out with B.B. & this song came on, I’d hope I have on something a little flirty so he can be opened & reminded of the possibilities later...or not so “later” depending on where we is.

If you choose to check out Kem’s If It’s Love, you can do so here.

Watch me groove.


  1. Hey Girl Hey,

    So let me get in on this challenge...my least favorite song...hmm there are so many. For the sake of making it semi short and somewhat sweet there's a tie between Mary J Blige's 25/8 and Drake's Marvin's Room. Why is Drake always crying on tracks? He reminds me of the rap version of Keith Sweat. I don't like overly emo men. And what can I really say about 25/8 besides Mary needs to stop. Is it me or was high Mary way better...maybe I was young and dumb, me no know!

  2. I guiltily prefer the song stylings of "old" MJB too. I hate even typing that out loud.