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Warning: this post may contain opinions that you do not agree with. I ain't worried about that.

Michael Jackson passed away 2 years ago now. Passed away. Depending on who you ask, Michael Jackson was killed. I chose to write passed away on purpose.

Two days ago, Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Mike Jack. The collective psyche of the Jackson family, Michael Jackson's fans, the music industry & anyone else suffering silently from guilt, REQUIRE someone to take the blame for this. Without someone to pin this on, folks might have to take some responsibility, at the very least, for their role in his death.

According to things I've read & watched, Michael Jackson's been suffering from various kinds of pain since his 80's jheri curl fiasco when his activator didn't mix well with some pyrotechnics. We could blame that on whoever the fire starter was or the person who measured & mixed what would become the gelatinous goop used to help black people suffering from self hatred escape the...man in the mirror, so to speak. We could also blame Michael for buying into the trend of the time, getting rid of 1 of the most famous afros ever, & beginning his own journey away from blackness. But why would we do that?

The point is that apparently Michael Jackson's pains began almost as many years ago as I've been alive. I would assume during the healing process the highs got a little good to him & he couldn't shake the habit once anything even remotely resembling healing was completed. But that's only if you listen listen to the media. The family both confirms & denies a prescription drug habit. You know the kind--1 in which he may or may not be taking pain killers & sleep aides for things other than pain & insomnia.

In the meantime, while we're either pretending he did or did not have a problem, staffs were being paid to ensure the drugs he either needed or didn't were supplied. Or weren't. If this is the case & he was...not hooked on drugs of any kind, then Conrad Murray DID murder Michael Jackson, administering chemical substances to him without his permission & causing him to die. Whether under oath or commitment to lifestyle, Conrad Murray made a gross judgment error. It's an error that's been afforded him not only by Michael Jackson's payroll, but by the pharmaceutical industry itself. He is an agent of the people who, during every commercial break, peddle narcotics to us for depression, weight loss, high blood pressure, sexual malfunctions, birth control, restless leg syndrome, etc. We've been told it's OK to rely on these as long as you have the money to do so. Many of these drugs don't even require YOUR doctors approval or 'script, but just your ability to dial an 800-number so that you can access this health nirvana where you aren't actually responsible for your own well being. You've been relieved of that. & no one else has picked up the responsibility.

It's not just pharmaceuticals. Elective surgeries have skyrocketed. Once upon a time we avoided hospitals at all costs, praying to whomsoever you believe in to look after you so that you may never grace the halls of a hospital for care. Hell, we didn't even want to have to visit others in it. Now, we set appointments. We schedule c-sections for the births of our children. We volunteer to have parts of us removed & then stuffed into other parts of us so that we may feel better about ourselves. We can even come back multiple times for the same features to be worked, re-worked, undone, & tried again until our self-esteem & our self-image are so confused that neither could ever be right...leading to more surgeries.

The medical profession in this country is the son of capitalism. Why make people well when sick people are the 1's that continuously pay for treatment? & Michael Jackson was sick. & everyone around him knew it. Including his family. Who did even less than Conrad Murray to save him. So...who's to blame for the death of the biggest music icon the world's ever known? E'rybody--responsible to his person, career, finances & health.

While he should NEVER practice medicine again, Conrad Murray can't do the time for the moral deprivation of the society in which he lives. & yes, this can be applied of misapplied to any number of societal ills. Still, the only reason anyone cares who this gets pinned on is because of whose Life was lost. If it had been you or me, you would have never heard of this & "Conrad Murray" would most likely either remain free & still find a way to regroup & practice some form of medicine again. This is a medical malpractice case, not 1 of murder or manslaughter.

But that's just my opinion. & nobody asked me.

Watch me move.


  1. Well said. Thank you!

  2. Aweezy,

    I must commend you on thoroughly outlining the issues without succumbing to all things MJ. I admit that Mike Jack, as you called him, was definitely an amazing musical talent but that in no way excuses his responsibility to himself. Being a drug addict is a sickness, one that many families deal with but denying that someone is sick isn't going to make the problem go away. I feel like his family and close friends did him a true disservice even more than anything Conrad Murray could have ever done.

    Whatever happened to personality responsibility? If anything who held MJ accountable for his part in his own demise? I know that's speaking ill of the dead and I don't 100% want to be that person. At the same time I do think that Conrad deserved to lose his medical license. The oath that doctor's take before getting paid all the bucks is to do no harm. Clearly he was harming in this case. Now I don't know that that equates to manslaughter but I guess in the court of public opinion it does. I wonder what doctor they'll try when Lindsay Lohan "accidentally" overdoses?