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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Intro: Fall Fevah

We gon' keep it #allaway light today. It was a good day full of sniggering & chortling. No need to ruin the mood by talking in any great depth about all the nonsensical things happening in the world. Cuz while I have an opinion on Kim Kardashian's sham of a marriage & debauched living arrangement with Chris Whomsoever, is there any real reason for me to go on about that today? Nope. My favorite bloggers have already done so, yesterday & today, & I haven't even bothered to read them yet. I know I said I would somehow reach a 10 ft pole out on the Amber Cole issue, no pun intended, but I'm just not in the mood. Instead, Imma go real superficial & touch on something else in my life.

So....it's Fall. Typically, this time of year gives me the blues because the wishy washy thing gives me whiplash. Is it warm? Is it cold? Is it cool? This past Saturday I was caught in every kind of precipitation there is except hail. There was a 30 degree dip from the temp the day before & I didn't know whether to wear galoshes or snow boots. I'm not generally good with people who can't make a damn decision so when Mom Naycha starts actin' all ugly, flexin' her muscles & stuff, then I got beef. I want her to see me on the playground & duke it out for dominance over the sun's appearance. I'm even willing to compromise. I'm down with chilly because chilly inspires dope wears. What woman doesn't like sweater & boot season? I mean, really?

In honor of the only things that get me amped about this season besides the clich├ęd beauty of the leaves changing colors, I must share what moves me this Fall.

Sweater dresses are EVERYWHERE but a good 1 is often hard to find. I'm sorry. I mean a BAD 1. & that's bad meaning good but gooder than just regular good. Yeah...I said it. You want 1 that ain't gon' wear you but that YOU wear, that sits just right on all ya good parts. The 1 that keeps you FLY & warm. Like this:

& did they really cinch it all about the waist with a bow? In gift giving season? Is the symbolism reaching you? I ain't gon' spell it out. If you're with me, you're with me. If you're not...well, you just think it's a cute belt.

Now, if you truly wish to give a gift, we must make sure that the wrapping paper is attractive. Most of us like bright & shiny when it comes to this. The color of the season is orange. So, if you're trying to inspire...gift giving...I would take this neutral stunner & pair it up with these:

Are you still with me?

We won't do too much with this here today. But if you're looking to spark a lil something, make a suggestion that you & your Cuddle Bunny dress up to go somewhere, anywhere. Put on something that's subtly HAUTE & make him rush you through dinner so y'all can get to sweeter treats.

Make stylistic mischief &...

Watch me move.


  1. Hola Aweez,

    Oh how I loves all things fall except the spurts of cold rain. I am in search of a fierce sweater dress and some killer boots for the seasons to add to my collection of wardrobe mayhem and foolishness. Unfortunately my ankle issue is presenting problems with my high heel situation...but no pain no gain right! Hell that's what platforms are for right, support and hashish. Side note I'm digging the orange pumps.

  2. in what store are you most likely to find something that fits your style and budget?