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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Shoe Personality of the Week: 11/14/11

Simply put--I'm about my business.

That can mean several different things, & does but there's no real need to outline all of that here, now. I'll only get into a lil bit of it.

Are you familiar with that feeling when things start to switch up & move in some other direction you thought you weren't ready for? I used to have that happen to me all the time. Life would come & !BUCKUP! (onomatopoeia) all upside my head & splay me on my Life's ground with some newness I wasn't prepared for. That doesn't happen anymore. These days I move with so much intentionality that it's hard to blindside me. Yes, it happens on occasion but it's rare. & when the dust settles...I'm usually able to see VERY clearly that it too was a part of the grand scheme.

I don't believe in mis takes.

So, to some, the randomness of coming from an early childhood/elementary background to middle school would have seemed random. My entry, however, was through 1 of the things I love most: words. English to the laymen. Changing schools within the same community has allowed me to engage the last in the 3rd set of educators in this community & has really beefed up the belief that I know what I'm doing. I never felt like I didn't know or that I couldn't know but now I'm SURE. Just like each move prior to, this move has put me in touch with people who would become key in my life. Friends, wonderful co-workers with a lot to share, & people who are knowingly or unknowingly laying the next bricks on my path. It's beautiful.

Last year I wrote that I would be preparing for grad school in 2012. & now, not only am I preparing for it, but I'm CLEAR what I'm studying. I've also chosen to study not 1 but 2 areas, & in education. I thought I was ready to walk away but I have since realized that I'm just ready dig deeper in. It's time to shake things up & do some new things. New for me. I'm so excited. The shift in direction at work & in my personal life are aligning, prepping me for the next big bubble to drift into my atmosphere. When it pops, piƱata style, nothing but goodness will fall out of it. That wasn't a riddle. Based on the charm bracelet that is my Life, it doesn't matter what falls out of it, it WILL be goodness because it's the path I walk. Know dat.

So...I'm pullin on my sling backs & tippin into phase...well, who's counting. Confirmation is all around that now is my time & it shan't end anytime soon. Unlike the loser chick driving machinery too big for her abilities, I'm the captain of this ship & I will arrive at my destination in grand style & on top of my game.

Watch me move.

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