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Shoe Personality of the Week: 11/21/11

I believe I have a clog addiction. I really have to set limits on how often I can post them. They ARE appropriate for today. I promise.

Rock wit' me.

Obviously, Thankstakinggiving is a few days away. No matter what you feel about the the history behind the holiday itself, a reminder to take stock of the good we have in our lives is more than welcome. Plus...I appreciate days off & especially those that have a family theme built in, just in case there are some gaps in the visits due to being busy or plain ol' neglectful. #realtalk

This time of year, no matter that I don't celebrate wholly, or believe in fully, the premises behind the holidays, always reminds me that "no [wo]man is an island." I am where I am because I stand on the shoulders of those who put in work before me. I stand next to those of like mind, sharing ideas that are propelling us ever forward & increasing our service to our communities through the work that we do. I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to pay my gratitude to those who are responsible to & for me in some way.

I considered doing a list of names or monikers & attach their contributions to my Life in the past year. That's boring & you know who you are. If you don't, perhaps you'll find yourself in the generalities of what's been special/unique/welcome this year.

2010 & 2011 have brought new experiences that I was caught unaware that they were even possible but discovered that I WAS prepared for them. I've spoken often of the way Life tries to sneak up on me, but I'm ready for it. This isn't because I've anticipated what ways it would try to get me, but somehow just making divine movements in the direction that is all mine. When you walk YOUR path, it's hard to get knocked off. When you try to walk the path of others, the shoes don't fit & you get bunions, the path twists & turns too much for you to keep up, or the person whose path it is keeps stepping on your toes because you're in the way. I only receive more & more confirmation that I am walking as I should be & with the company I'm meant to keep. That means you...& you...& you too.

Speaking of company, this last year has been so very interesting. With each meeting, there was 1 more brick laid on my path, keeping with the journey I feel so very confident in. The odd experience of wondering why a particular face in a crowd feels so familiar, only to find out that it is & form a relationship that not only takes me further outside of myself but helps me with developing my current actions & future goals for service. The power of conversation has become so much more evident. All of the conversations I have seem intentional, helping me to flesh out my thoughts & help me solidify my plans. It could be a friend I haven't spoken to in months or years who'll send a very pointed email or have a very pointed phone conversation, even chance meetings on the street, to deliver the very words I need to hear in THAT moment.

As all of this occurs, that calm feeling that comes over you when you don't have to fight to control everything takes over & it all feels right, like it will end up where it should, as it should. Even as I re-learn to navigate this territory that is love & loving, I am generally calm as we take our twist & turns. I have my moments but they occur far less than they once did when adjusting my grip to keep from losing was the main focus, even without me seeing it at the time. I may get frustrated but it settles faster, easier, & I'm able to reason through it & reconnect with patience. It's an incredible feeling & process...1 I don't remember before.

& through it all there is so much laughter. I crack up daily. Life is so funny, with her practical joke playin' arse. The people around me either provide great fodder--sorry, it's true--or have a classic sense of humor. Situations that would once bring me to tears really do give me the giggles. That doesn't mean tears don't creep in from time to time, but those times are slim to none, & that's a far cry--no pun intended--from what it used to be. Lawd knows... I have great people, often experiencing my same trials, who have locked arms with me trying to #getby, as Talib Kweli has encouraged us to do.

None of this was achieved by myself. I have been picked up, lifted up, carried, & even dragged when necessary, to who I am today. I am humble. I am grateful.

Watch me move.

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