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Shoe Personality of the Week: 11/28/11

As a coworker put it today, this is supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year." Some of We are grasping at anything to help us get through right now so that we can continue to do whatever work that we're committed to. Some of We are finding it difficult to wake up with a smile, despite this beautiful Fall we've been experiencing on the Right Coast. Some of We are reassessing one or many areas of our lives, trying to figure out what stays & what goes, & sometimes tossing in a Who, here & there.

Everything worth having is worth working for. Or so I've been told. While some of these old addages seem like smoke blown up our collective bums in order to keep us in order, there really is rhyme & reason to them. Everything I have, that I can clearly point to & say that I worked for, is appreciated more than anything else. I'm proud to survey my visible & invisible landscape & know for certain that I've put in the hours, in work, play, emotions, etc, to make what I have happen & work for me. Everything I have IS indeed mine.

Recently I did jury duty & saw examples of people who don't know more than handouts, begging as a profession, comfortable with the notion that they are owed something from everyone. I work with children daily who, per their age & stage in Life, feel entitled to everything, but who also have NO UNDERSTANDING that the sun does not rise & set for them. It is only when you have crafted your world that you can decide how your sun rises & sets or if you choose to only have moons. That takes work, & these children are not being guided toward the true value of work. I can't lose sight of the value of the work I do & the work that needs to be done.

At this very moment, I'm assessing what will make it through the next month & a half & beyond January 1. I'm removing old energies, making space for new. I'm decluttering & being honest about what is TRULY necessary in my Life space. & yes, that also involves some Who? I'm pushing up my sleeves & preparing to get dirty in the process of cleansing. It's such a great feeling & somewhat scary, not knowing what will be on the other side of the horizon.

Whatever is over there, I will walk up to it wearing comfortable shoes, that are oh so cute, but ready for real work. ...the real work of identified purpose, the real work of family, friendship, & the real work of Love.

Clear the way.

Watch me move.

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