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What's Rape Got To Do With It? Part II

See...this is why...

1st, I think I'm in some way required to say that Jerry Sandusky is alleged to have committed "indecent acts" against children, but is innocent until proven guilty. But then...we're all familiar with R. Kelly & how that can go, so...#enneweighs

I'm gonna ask you to donate close to 9 minutes of your Life to this video. Bob Costas interviewed Sandusky via telephone & it's actually incredible. I know I'm supposed to still afford this man the benefits of innocence unless or until proven guilty, but uhmmm...errahhhh...yeah. Just watch it & we'll rap a taste afterwards.

1. When someone asks you if you're completely innocent & have been falsely accused of the charges against you, & you start your answer off with, "Wellll...I could say..." 0__^ You go on to say you've horsed around & showered with children & touched their legs but that wouldn't be accurate. So, are you saying that it wouldn't be accurate that you did those things, despite saying you did those things, or it wouldn't be accurate for us to pass judgment & say that those things are inappropriate because they ARE inappropriate? Or would it just be accurate to say that you're too nervous to make sense of words & you're just stringing things together without the assistance of legal counsel or a PR person? Help a sista out cuz I'm #confucious

2. Ok...so...sliding across a wet floor of the showers & slapping a towel on each other clearly looks a lot like a grown man behind a young boy, with his penis inside a young boy's anus. I could see how the intern would've gotten those 2 things confused. Wait, are you feeling a little sick yet from reading those words? You should be. I feel sick having typed them.

3. Alrighty...so in relation to the mom calling you to task on showering with her son but you "can't exactly recall" what you said, but what you did say was that you're sorry he felt that you'd done something wrong. Wait...WHATTTTTTTTTT?!? So did you remember what you said, or did you forget, or did you forget that you remembered & it came to you on the spot because of Bob Costas' excellent probing?

4. Jerry Sandusky is bout the cleanest dude out there & he should be lauded for upping the hygiene game of the poor at-risk colored boys he was working with 'cuz Lawd knows d'ey mamas didn't bother with keeping them clean. I'on'tknow. I'm just tryna explain how in the hell there's all this showering going on & why this showering is always so..."supervised" cuz, I swear I just don't understand.

5. So now we wait for children to be discredited, right? & I can certainly imagine that out of thousands (according to Sandusky) of children, Sandusky didn't have time to rape & molest them all. Wait, so, is that being spun as satisfactory or Un? This is hard to keep up with because it just makes no sense. Well, it does, but it makes no inno-sense. At least not yet. Sandusky's legal team will see to that though. Funny how Jerry doesn't remember a lot, but he remembers specifically what happened & which boy, in order to give his legal team the name of the kid so that they could find him & bring him forward to clear Sandusky? The police & the prosecutors must not have known it was as simple as, "Hey, Jerry. So, what's the name of that boy you didn't rape? No, not that 1...that other 1 you didn't rape. I could see how you might get confused because there are at least 8 boys saying you did something to 'em. Ha ha ha! Kids. Go figure." #shrug

6. When Bob Costas asked does he feel culpable, did that bamma say, "I'm not sure what you mean." ??????????? IS THAT WHAT HE SAID OUT OF HIS MOUTH!! ((jumps up & down & searches for my Oil of Elohim...)) This is why Bob makes the big bucks & I'm just out here playing on keyboards for fun. There's no way in FO'HELLS I'da been OK after he a. asked that question; b. required me to give him a synonym; & c. denied that he's guilty but "played a hand in it." Would that be like the hand that perhaps touched some folks inappropriately but only if they thought it was inappropriate 'cuz he didn't mean for it to be construed as such? Sir...Sir...

7. Jerry Sandusky has learned from all of this that in retrospect, he shouldn't have showered with "those kids." That, apparently is a hindsight kinda wisdom. He hadn't seen an example of how these things can go dastardly wrong in the past? Is he the 1 white man in all of America who managed to miss Michael Jackson's life from the 90's on? People stopped doing natural things with THEIR OWN children as a result of Michael Jackson's indiscretions. Many children got kicked out of their parents beds. Parents stopped letting their children's friends sleep over on weekends. Children starved for touch from their parents because they didn't want to go to jail for accidentally loving & nurturing their children. Remember, spanking went from discipline to child abuse on the strength of 1 kid's phone call to a child abuse hotline or the police. Now we're all stuck putting kids in that ambiguous place called Time Out. Why?? Cuz e'rybody's scared of how quickly the rules change to engaging children so we just keep them at bay for safety. How did THIS dude miss all of that?!?

8. Bob Costas hits him in the jugular, goes for the journalistic throat chop & asks, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys, underage boys?" Sandusky takes us on a trip to the lands of Hemm & Haww. 1st, he repeats the question. Next, he restates the implication. Then, he gives some redirection before finally saying "no." Have you ever been asked if you were attracted to someone or something outside of your sexual orientation? When friends have played with you & called you out of your identified preference/orientation, was it difficult to get your retort off? Nahhh...it wasn't. Before they even finished saying that mess, you hit 'em square between the eyes with a good country-fied "Hayalllll NAWL!!" You didn't have to ask if you heard correctly or could they repeat the question. You didn't waste time checkin to see if it was a joke. You cleared that isht right up & pressed on.

I love that Bob Costas has all but said, "Fluthamucka, GETALLTHEWAYTHEFUGGOUTTAHERE," cuz you're embarrassing white men everywhere. He slipped that monster business in there at the end & he doesn't leave you questioning that it's his personal opinion. Sandusky must not watch TV ever because he didn't realize he isn't smart enough to dance with Costas. & for some reason there's no one in his camp who has removed all phones from his possession & shut down his high speed Internet to prevent him from speaking on his own behalf anywhere & to anyone cuz...Lawd...he might don't make it.

There's no need for me to cast aspersion here. The man has done a good enough job of that on his own. I'm no more saying he's guilty than he's saying he may or may not have been wrong for laying towels...or hands...or penises on young boys. #imjessayin...or not.

Watch me move.

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  1. Aweez, I too got pulled into this mess and couldn't stop myself from talking about it. You've pretty much summed up everything I was thinking or said in my post. My personal least favorite quote from Sandusky I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs...! Is this muthaeffer serious...oh my bad you didn't rape every kid just some so I guess that makes it better. I'm not saying you should but if you want additional details read the grand jury report...after my read I pretty much thought cutting off his balls would be too nice. Then this loser took to the airwaves and now I know anything short of flogging is too good for him.

    I won't even speak on the blind eye at least a dozen adults turned while Sandusky molested countless kids.