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What's Rape Got To Do With It?

Such soft sounding charges.

A'ight soooo...this Penn State business is hovering in the forefront & the background begging for attention. I've been avoiding it because it's just not an easy subject & honestly I haven't felt like being heavy. It's the reason I try to avoid watching the news past the weather forecast.

This is honestly going to come with no real background information because I refuse to watch this whole thing unfold. I'm going to approach this completely from a snatch & grab--no pun intended--standpoint. Lets get to it.

Ok. So, it appears that Jerry Sandusky, former assistant football coach at Penn State, came up with the pedophilia version of a cash cow. Under the guise of service to the under served, Sandusky offered children things & opportunities that would be difficult to come by under their normal circumstances. In the hood we refer to this as pimping. In the workshop I sat through Saturday, it's officially trafficking. No matter the name, it's sick. & if you read slow or comprehend even slower, by under served children I meant black children. They tend to be synonymous with [scrupleLESS] philanthropists. This is not a bad thing...unless or until it becomes a bad thing. Such as this particular instance.

Second Mile is the name of the organization & I'm sure Sandusky is wishing it were called Second Chance, because he's sure to need one. However, while we're all deserving of forgiveness, I'm not into too much forgiveness when it comes to the lives of children. But he was not alone in this. See, somebody actually WITNESSED Sandusky having sex with raping [at least one] a young boy. & then spoke on it, but not loudly. & even that sounds wrong. See, if I were to encounter an adult, of any gender, having sex with a child of any gender, said adult would know RIGHT AWAY that they were seen. All kindsa WTF's would be flying alongside a bunch of "you sick fluthamucka!!" which would have to be heard over my windmilling arms as I come straight for him/her. Yeah...you WILL KNOW that I know. & then, I'm gon' #runtelldat immediately to everyone who will listen & even those who don't, whilst dialing 911 on that ass. None of this "oh shit," & creep quietly back out of the room to go meditate on which ONE person I should go alert & then pray that person figures out what to do type business.


Apparently, this made no noise. It was a rapey whisper in the showers that somehow made it to the wrong ears or the wrong moral barometer or...

As parts of this story creep in to my personal space, I've noticed that the word rape is seldom used. I can't figure this out. & there seems to have been too slow a move toward firing, lest we upset the great football empire, because that must be preserved. After all, what is America without its pig skin? I hesitate to call race, just 'cause, but me thinks this just may have something to do with the fact that these men are white. So, some of the white men have been & will be fired to calm the public & others will be allowed to quit & get the hell out of dodge, wait out the heat & then recreate themselves somewhere where no one remembers or this just isn't that important. Cuz really...who gives a shit about poor urban youth black children? They're used to being abused right? This is NOT to say that white children, or any other children, do not suffer abuses at the hands of adults, but this particular set up seems prime for the...dare I say...taking.

You know what? I think it may actually be time for me to ease up off of this. I can feel myself stamping my boots down into my skis & preparing to take on that place known as the Slippery Slope. There's still so much to say but it's probably NOT a good idea for me to go on. I'm going to put on my penny loafers & moonwalk right on outta this topic. You get the point though. This is sickening, on so many levels. I'm going to end with the hope that Jerry Sandusky gets help, instead of the option to simply admit he has a problem, be quiet for a few months & then change careers with the promise that the next venture would have nothing to do with children. That's usually how it goes. Unless you're black, & then they hold you to whatever Scarlet Letter gets slapped on your cardigan. No Isaiah Washington.

See how hard it is to shut this down. Cutting myself short before I go IN.

Watch me move.

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