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21 more things = 42

The last post was the 21 things I KNOW at 42. At the end I said I'd consider writing 21 more things to make it 42 in total & then ...


Foreplay: Connecting the Dots

...the beat goes on. Not of the meat, but...the topic. You know what I mean.

For fun we're gonna keep looking at this sex business. Imma keep praying that my parental units ain't playin' on this playground right now--not that I'm puttin' MY business in the street--cuz I'm admitting that I do human things with other humans in ways that... Never mind, this getting uncomfortable.

Lets get into Response #2 on what Good Pu$$i is. Keep in mind, this is from 1 of my friends who pretends to be intellectual sometimes, despite bein a true heathen (before he got married, recently). This man put me on to the truth of Dave Hollister's music & that hood love, which I think Tyrese schooled y'all on at some point, if you weren't already in the know. Egghead approach or no, it's still worth the read. Check him out:

Well lets see. The question is what distinguishes pu$$i and good pu$$i. It is a combination of things. I'll put it in a broad category first then dissect it from there. Everything I write here is strictly my interpretation. First of all sex is an emotional act. Two things a lot of men are not in tune with. Some more so than others but none the less they have no clue. When it comes to emotions and sex, men have a way of separating the two. It is a behavior that goes back centuries. It has become buried deep within the id. Therefore, it is about a nut. It's a social thing, it is what is cool in society, it makes you look good for your friends. How dare you show emotions when talking about sex with your boys and act like you really cared about her. It shows weakness, tenderness, your soft, a punk. So you have to detach the two. It's cool for women to be emotional when they talk about sex in a group because for one, women are very emotional creatures and two it cool. It's acceptable for women to show that they really enjoyed every moan and caress. For men, "yo when I was hitting from the back she was screaming shit, yo I was waxing that ass". That is the nature of the beast.

Now having said that pu$$i and good pu$$i. What makes it different is your mind mostly. There are also physical attributes that distinguishes them but mainly it's in your mind. For instance, in my own experience I have had what I consider pu$$i and goooood pu$$i. But it all boiled down to the person I was with. It was a certain look they had or a certain way they made me feel from just being around them. Or it was something during the actual act itself that made it good instead of just okay. From the tricks to the wetness, how freaky the person is all of that factors in. Bottom line, each male interprets what he feels is pu$$i and good pu$$i differently.

Now why is it better when you are digging the person? Because now you are letting your emotions and feelings get involved. Once a man has decided that this is the person he wants to be with then at that moment he is putting a little more feeling and emotion into it. Not all but some. To some degree emotionally and psychologically it becomes more than just the mere act of sex. Yes to some it is a game. The challenge of conquering new pu$$i has been a national past time for ages. Ain't nothing better than pussy but some new pu$$i. Yeah, masturbating is a lot easier but what's the fun in that. For that moment it is satisfying a current need/ a release, but there is nothing more enjoyable than sex itself. Hopefully this provided some insight.

As Grown Folx, we should all know these things by now, but in case you weren't aware of the connection between a man's emotions & his peen then consider yourself schooled. The point: all of We are connected to what our bodies do when we're dirty dancing. How much of us is connected beyond our bodies is usually attributed to women, but please believe men get all emo about sex too. The end (for tonight.)

Watch me move.

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