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Foreplay: It's Not a Game

Yesterday I let you know that after diggin in the crates, so to speak, I found some of my old email correspondences in my old email addy, asking questions that I felt would help me out on this journey toward becoming an old pro. Not to be read "an old ho[e]." I had such a good time reading the convos that I decided I'd share. We's all growed up 'round here & should be able to speak freely about things of a segzual naycha. If we can't, well...like I told some girls once, "if you can't say the word penis outcha mouth, there should be none in it." I know...I know...but they understood that & got it together.

Anywho, so this is how it all started back in 2001:

as a female, i often get the impression that sex is
all about the nut for
men. they enjoy the act cuz it feels good. and
little else. now, you all
say it's that much better when you got feelings for
the female involved, but
most of the time there are no feelings. so that
makes me wonder what is the
attraction to this thing called pu$$i. if it simply
were about the nut,
you'd get comfortable w/a bottle of lotion and go to
work. it would be
drama free, and a whole lot cheaper. and you
wouldn't have to tell any
i know there are levels to this game called sex. we
know the 2 major
categories are pu$$i and good pu$$i. so, what
distinguishes pu$$i from good
inquirin minds *mine* wanna know

Ignoring the fact that I wrote everything like it was a poem back then, lets address what was really going on. As a young woman (which I still consider myself to be; 30 is the new 30) I was trying to learn what it is that men see/taste/touch/smell (& even hear) when it comes to the jays of vay that rank the highest on their lists. Every man has 1, & while I'd assume the classifications/ranking system would have some variations, they'd be slight. I was looking for the greatest common denominators so I could be about perfecting my...craft. Needless to say, I got some great responses that have been uber influential--now that I think about it--in me working toward being unforgettable. Plus, I'm competitive & will dangerously find ways to compete with the Ghosts of Coochie Past in order to get my 1-upsman on. I would say that practice is a little off but I have male friends who can't recall the names of some of my girlfriends that they've...uhmm...played with & never wanted to be them. I don't know a soul out here working on being forgettable unless they've done some things they're trying to outrun. But now I'm running my mouth too much. Lets get into these responses, 1 or 2 at a time. Whatchu think?

**Note** All names have been withheld to respect privacy. If you recognize yourself in here & respond in kind, that's on you. But please feel free, whether you were a part of the 1st sample or not, to join in the conversation. We all love "the love below."

i would love to sit here and write a novel about
why i love pu$$i but none of our computers carry that
much memory. but ill give a sample. I personally love the
naturalness of this thing called pussy. dont need it
dressed up ,shaved, perfumed. but its gotta be wet,
bathed and groomed. ya dig. for the ni**as who smoke
and say weed is better than sex,... uckinf amazin. The
feelin of that warm, moist .... just..... slidin
and..... SHIT, i just.... sike, but really, beleive it
or not i'm at a loss of words. had some bomb pu$$i, had
some not so bomb pu$$i. but the bestest is the kind
that moves, and make you feel like makin a baby with
this chick. fo real. ill probably have more to say
tommorrow, right now im gettin horny, peesh out

Needless to say, the conversation got him a lil worked up. The next response had to be cut short too cuz Broham was bout to go there...he kept his cool though:

it has to be warm
it has to grab you
good pu$$i is inviting &....

ok...thats enough

What say you, good people? What makes that "good good" that good "good?"

MAKE me move.

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