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Foreplay: The Squeeze

It appears that there were more than a couple of fellas tryna wax intellectual on this here topic. After yesterday's feeling all unnecessarily cerebral (while not crazy deep or anything), I decided to spare you some of what I just pulled up with all kindsa unsexy "dude, what is we talmbout?" type words in it. The point is not to turn people off, but perhaps to turn you on so you can pay it forward & turn someone else on in the process. As we teach the children, sharing is caring.

This time around I'ma share a take on the pee. you. ess. ess. why. that comes from a gentleman who qualifies himself as bisexual. I figured it might be interesting to thrust in--pun possibly intended--the perspective of a cat who knows both sides of the coin.

Here ye, here ye, lend me your eye:

pu$$i. warm, wet, smooth. in general. it depends tho'. Is she moving with you? does she have a sense of her body/spaces (as in "work that pu$$i!!!") Been exercising the kegels? ( The "tightness" of the muscles of th pelvic floor argument.......the ability to squeeze a penis.... some cats say they like this/need this...I find it's overrated....I've only really been able to tell a woman was doing it to any significant degree when I was inside her, and thats usually involuntary response, i think..theres much more stuff, more important to pay attention to.

its MUCH easier to tell with fingers,the natural tightening that occurs towards orgasm- which is why you won't find many men who even have an idea...as 90 percent of women don't get off through "intercourse"; or even care.

ah a break through.

"good pu$$i" is very much related to the accompanying histrionics ( screamin "ohdaddygimmiethatbigdickfuckmefuckmeyeahheretakemycarkeys"). A proficient attentive gymnastic woman with The Hong Kong uckF Muscles of Life will get called "bad pu$$i" if she isn't constantly feeding the ego of a guy while she's getting "dicked" (and not trying to be academic here, but remembering the "dicked" part, and that manner of relating is important.)

i hope that helped a bit :)

What say you? & don't be scared if you agree with a man whose orientation is a lil different from yourn. Remember, these were written in 2001; ain't nobody paying that no mind. Speak your piece on the pieces you done had. Join in. Lets make it a conversation lurkinazzmofos!!

Watch me move.


  1. As a straight dude, I have to agree with her feeding the ego. Beyonce's offspring is promoting the anthem, giving motivation is helpful. But it probably works both ways, no?

  2. 1st of all, I LOVE "just a squirrel."

    2ndly, if we're speaking of sex with the 1's we love, then feeding the ego shouldn't actually be necessary. as a woman, when you TRULY love a man, no matter where he falls on the physical spectrum, he's the hottest cat on the streets. Breasts & all...if that's what he's working with.

    In the same token, if it's not someone you love, the fact that you can't get enough should do all that leg work for you.

    That's in a perfect world where none of us needed stroking. #NoMasturbation But since we often do...it does serve to take the sexy time through the roof when you feel like your partner is giving you the proper feedback to make you work...harder.