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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/19/2011

I have just returned from a most glorious family vacation, something we haven't had in almost 12 years. It was a beautiful experience with a most beautiful backdrop & an incredibly timely trip for a number of reasons.

1st, we needed to reconnect. While we see each other fairly regularly, we don't truly spend time with each other. Adult living can be hectic, tiring, adventurous, and selfish if we aren't careful. Those aren't bad things, individually (including the selfish piece), as long as they're kept balanced & in perspective. Two very difficult things to find & maintain. 2nd, I needed to know that it's OK to walk away from work on occasion. A good girlfriend STARTED her teaching career with these week-long built in breaks that became her annual gift to self. I struggled with the idea of guilt eating me alive & have instead settled for stressed out days, restless nights, & being laid on my ass forcefully as a result. This year, for the 1st time, I've not only taken a mental health day but a vacation. I've been promising to do better by Me & I'm finally living up to my word. The last reason I'll share, though not the last reason, is S.A.D.'s had just started to sit on me heavy & I haven't done such a good job of resisting the weight. Getting a little sun, a change of scenery, & the removal of the regular sights & sounds of my Life was necessary, even when I didn't know it.

& now I'm back. Back in the wrong temperature with not enough sunlight or any of the benefits, but it's not all bad. I've come home with a renewed sense of self & a couple of epiphanies that will guide the goals I set in the coming year. It seems as though, under clearer skies, I was able to see things a lot better from afar. Being above the grass makes it easier to see the snakes in it. They're an easy fix but some other issues will take a lot more work & diligence.

I'm excited!! I'm beginning to clean house physically, which will lead to the emotional & psychological cleansing that will also take place. Renewal is generally associated with Spring, but beginnings bring new & the #1, as in the first day of the new year is a good place to take advantage of newness. Right now I'm selecting the seeds to be planted & prepping the soil.

As with each new step in my Life, there is another level of sophistication added. My brain is getting new wrinkles & my expertise continues to grow. Making bigger moves with that expertise will require me to be sophisticated in ways I've not been up to now, but I'm ready.

If I can find this shoe in real Life, I hope to step into my next incarnation, prepared to share my expertise with new audiences & affording me the currency to purchase the next bricks to lay on this journey. I am thankful for what the TwennyLeven has provided. It has been an amazing year & I walk with Springtime in my step into the New Year.

Watch me move.

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