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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/05/11

1st, to any who care, I offer my sincerest apologies for the irregularity of posts these days. Right now I'm trying to take into my permanent memory things about myself that I've resisted accepting as truth, leaving room for adjustment or change if I simply don't state them as fact. It's a losing battle. Instead of the emotional fight I'm having with myself, I'm working towards honest acceptance.

My name is Ndygo & I'm a hibernator.

I've already mentioned that I have S.A.D.s & that I struggle with the approach of the Gloomy Guses. While I'm not feeling what I'd call gloomy, I'm certainly moving in the direction of lethargy. Just as scary. T'is the season for my sofa & I to get reacquainted, for books to be read in relay style, & for my presence in the outside world to shrink to work & little else. Sounds dull, right? Hhhmmmpphhh...

Anyway, more--or less--about this another time. Lets get to this shoe.

It's almost time for that glorious time of the year called Winter Vacation/Break, for those of us in education. We're living by tally marks on the wall like prisoners counting down their bids. Our conversations are NOT about the day we're in but what we're going to do with the time coming. Few have mentioned travel, most are discussing a moment to...sit. I have SO MUCH that needs to be done & I'm ready to strap on my track shoes if they'll help me fast forward to 3:30 p.m. the day the children go home & grant us reprieve.

I look forward to extended Cuddle Bunny time & a chance to read from wake up to go to sleep without caring whether I've showered. I look forward to the concentrated laughter of the holiday season, able to stand still long enough to call back & link up with friends & family who've gotten back burnered because of the physio-emotional demands of working with other people's kids...& those who supervise that work. Perhaps I'll make a To-Do List & attempt to feel good about being unsuccessful due to being devoted to learning how to effectively chill out.

The other exciting thing is the coming change of the calendar year. Another fresh start is coming soon to a theater new us all. It's time for me to do some very focused reflection to decide how to proceed in the TwoZeroOneTwo. I'm looking to dub the year, as many do, with some positive goal to reach for. I want to return to school. Perhaps it'll be 2012, where my genius swells. Or 2012, where the right buyer sells, as I look into taking on home ownership. I welcome your suggestions on this 1. I have no complaints against the TwennyLeven; it actually gave me quite a few treasures. I'll hash those out the closer we get to noise makers & confetti. The goal, however, is to take the gifts of this year & rise to the top of my own personal pyramid, expanding my gifts exponentially through hard work, study, & sharing.

I absolutely can't wait!!

Watch me move.

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