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Shoe Personality of the Week: 12/26/2011

It's December.
How do I know? Because today is Christmas & I learned in school that Christmas is in December. I certainly, & thankfully, can't tell based on the weather.

Can I get a "HAH. LAY. LEW. YAH!!"

#Enneweighs, the only trouble with this warm-ish December business is that I've finally been knocked down & dragged under by the power of the Almighty UGG. The fight has been long & arduous, but UGG is a sneaky opponent with its minions wearing them all year round with shorts & corduroy minis. An obvious effort at confusing the masses.

I set myself up though. I prepped UGG for the perfect sucker punch. I got curious why people care so much & went on the official Aussie website. Wait, that didn't happen 1st. I was in Nordstrom's, the top floor with 2 escalators between Brass Plum (teens & play dollars department) & what grown folks with money are doing. The baddest pair of boots in there were by UGG & looked nothing like those round toed monstrosities that make everyone look like cartoon characters drawn by preschoolers. They make feet look like they're wearing mittens. I HATE THEM!! & yet...

So, the Nordies trip led me to the website which led me to trying on my sister's pair that she got last year that looked NOTHING like the aforementioned boot. More proof that to rock the brand did not mean to succumb to the trend & buy a ticket for the bandwagon.

Now, on this day of gift giving, I must admit that I'm a little sick that I have no cause to wear my latest obsession. See, Sweet Sherpa-lined Baby Jesus knows that I love sheep skin. He knew that UGG makes a sheep skin boot. & so he has removed the cold weather so that I do not fall all the way down. UGG got my mind but Baby Jesus sent Donnie McClurkin to pick my body up off the ground.

It was a close call. & I've been rescued from my wayward soul before it took over my pockets.

Now, if the cold weather should come, I'm prepared to make a different UGG decision, to keep me up off the trend. I can be grown AND warm.

So, on top of the never ending guffawing with family, sharing them with B.B., the slow cooker, the grapefruit hand soap, the sock change purse, rediscovering The Deele's "Sweet November," (though I prefer ">Troop's version) & the Jackson 5 dedication, I have also been regifted my sanity.

To those of you it matters to: Merry Christmas!!
The celebration of Kwanzaa begins in these streets tomorrow (trying to commit to posting the WHOLE WEEK).

Watch me move.

Post Script--this is the last shoe of the TwennyLeven. Thank you to those of you who have said to me that this is your favorite, that you love this feature. You too are a gift to me. I just do this for fun & I'm glad it's fun for you too.

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