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Shoe Personality of the Week: 1/2/2012

I said I would do it...for those of you who care. So...


On this, the 1st day of 2012, I have examples all around me of what sets so many apart from their peers. I have a great group of wonderfully talented people in my circle who are moving & shaking in ways our parents wouldn't have dreamed were possible. What we do comes out on phone calls, over cocktails, breaking bread, riding to & fro, & through social networking. My friends are educators, writers, artists, jewelers, musicians, dancers & choreographers, actors, photographers, media moguls, physicians, trainers, spiritualists, stylists, chefs, organizers, facilitators, & intellectuals. They have presence in multiple arenas, making a living off of their multiple talents; go-to experts in their fields.

As this year opens, I'm acutely aware of the talents I possess & the need to do something an artist friend recently said & that is to stop being so humble. It's OK to be amazing...it doesn't negate how you too are or can be amazing. It is time for me to say out loud that I AM an educator with valuable experience that can help shape not just students but other educators. I need to affirm that I AM a writer who really needs to be vacating this space for bigger & better digs that are all mine. I AM a dancer who lives & breathes dance, even when my body disagrees with this passion. I AM a nurturer & a healer, with the powers of compassion & empathy that often help me see past the person to their circumstances & sharing the tools necessary to overcome challenges. I have a knack for creating conversation space & facilitating the sharing of ideas. I'm a halfway decent MC--master of ceremonies. I ain't no slouch in the kitchen. I can draw a few things. I have style--despite lacking the preferable budget.

How those things translate to the betterment of my Life is what needs to be looked at so that I can cultivate my gifts & thrust them into the forefront for the purpose of sharing. As we all know, sharing is caring, & we all benefit from stirring our talents up in the proverbial stew pot.

Look inward & tap into what you carry, how you can contribute to the stew & shine a light on them. Don't be ashamed to be good at something because their are too many people who lack obvious skill & talent who've figured out how to market their simple existence. Kim Kardashian much? There's gotta be a way to turn her name or the family's name into a verb that = living at the height of mediocrity or being contrived. Work on that & lemme know what you come up with.

Imma gon' & affirm today that I'm shooting for a higher mark than last year, setting my sights at surpassing myself & worried about no other. I intend to stand proudly & firmly in my uniqueness, taking no backseats for other's comfort. Love me or leave me alone. I'll do the same for you.

Watch me move.

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